Sinead Has Been Fired for Free Speech – Show Your Support

Isn’t it interesting how we live in a country where we supposedly have free speech, but if we actually exercise it, we can no longer be gainfully employed. This is especially the case if you dare to support White interests and speak out about the tribe of people openly committing White genocide. If you’re a Black, a jew, a Mestizo, a Muslim, etc. advocating for your people, even in a very incendiary anti-White way, you are likely to be free from persecution, and possibly even promoted.

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Stress and fertility

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How stress affects the inherently narrow fertile window

Stress can do unwanted things to a woman and her menstrual cycle. In a nutshell, stress can make a woman completely infertile in this menstrual cycle (e.g., LPD, see below), or it can change the position of her fertile window (the time of ovulation included) within the menstrual cycle. Any of this can cause problems and lead to more stress…

The medical term is stress response, and it refers to the overall reaction of the organism to any adverse stimulus, whether it be of physical, mental or emotional kind, internal or external. The purpose is to adapt to challenge, and this goes on all the time. (C’est la vie! Real life is a never-ending series of stress responses.) Should the compensating reaction of the organism be inadequate or inappropriate, a pathological disorder may result.

The HPA axis, the immune system and the…

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