The Real Significance of Friday The 13th


The beauty of the Aryan woman must be preserved.  This Friday the 13th, lets honor Aryan women, as Friday the 13th was originally not a “cursed” day.  Before our folks minds were poisoned, Friday the 13th was considered the day of the Goddess.  This day was considered a very significant day for honoring the cycles of creation, death, and re birth. The number 13 is a feminine number. The average female experiences 13 menstrual cycles per year and the Moon has 13 cycles per year.  In order to honor this day, I wanted to share some images of beautiful White nationalist women.  Enjoy!

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Massive Evidence Emerges That Satanic Voodoo Doughnuts of Portland May Be Heavily Involved in Child Sex Trafficking

LAST STORY UPDATE: 01/05/17 (7:49 am PST) ILLEGAL NEWS UPDATES ON THIS STORY: Portland’s “Club Rouge” Investigated for Sex Trafficking of Minor Club Rouge investigated for trafficking minor PORTLAN…

Source: Massive Evidence Emerges That Satanic Voodoo Doughnuts of Portland May Be Heavily Involved in Child Sex Trafficking

Germany Awakening At A Rapid Pace


By: Alfred Schaefer
Excerpts reposted, partially from Free Speech Monika

….Alfred: ….All of these invaders, each and every one of them will wish they would never have come. Their glee about having arrived in paradise will soon turn to horrific panic to get out alive. The awakening is about as unstoppable as the sun rising. That woman was saying precisely what Naomi told me one week before the Veterans Today interview, providing me with the most powerful little truth bomb of that interview. These truth bombs are being dropped everywhere and having their expected effects.

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Misogyny in the Media


By: Veronica (Evalion)

So it’s supposed to be the current year right? It’s almost 2017 and I can’t believe how much right wing women are being unjustly attacked! I have witnessed so much misogyny in the mainstream media in 2016, it’s absolutely horrendous! Don’t we live in the age of women’s liberation? Leftist women are treated respectfully in the media, they have a hollywood red carpet rolled out for them! However, women who hold unpopular opinions that go against the media’s narrative get treated like complete shit.

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