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“I tell you: every fight with a Communist on any street corner, every small march of the SA in a sordid area, every Hall battle is a step forward on the road of German culture, and every head of an SA man who has been smashed in by the Communists was held for the people, for the Reich, for the house of the German culture.” – Horst Wessel, as quoted in the book “Die SA erobert Berlin” by Wilfred Bade.


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I’ll make this post short and to the point. Siege is a Leftist PSYOP to encourage Europeans and European-Americans to violently engage their Government for the purpose of demonizing the struggle against European Genocide. Our battlefield is the human mind, the hearts of the People is the flag we mean to capture. I’ll not elaborate on the origin of Siege, nor talk about how James Mason was a child fucking Satanist sympathizer, but instead I’ll show who is behind the Siege propaganda and why it’s detrimental to our cause. Most of you already know the information to follow, so this post will serve as an easily shareable rebuttal to bad propaganda.

 Who Promotes Siege? 

The DailyStormer promotes Siege. Being that the DailyStormer is supported by the Israeli Government it’s safe to assume Stormer shills are MOSSADniggers…a claim supported by evidence in a future post. The Israeli Government is…

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