Why We Need a Real Traditionalist Movement


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Are you getting tired of the constant gender-war which seems to be waging out in every single corner of the internet right now? If you answered yes, then you’re in good company, it seems no matter which ideology you subscribe to, the sexes are always divided – and this isn’t healthy or productive in any way. For the purpose of this post I am limiting my discussion to the traditionalist side of the ‘political’ spectrum – since this is where I fit into things – well, at least where I would like to fit in.

As you may have already read in my posts; Looking In: How Women See the ‘Alt-Right’ & Why We Don’t Participate and Go Away ‘Red-Pill’ Salesman, I very clearly have a problem with the current so-called ‘traditionalists‘ and their respective ‘movements‘. Rest assured though, that I am not alone in…

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Looking In: How Women See the ‘Alt-Right’ & Why We Don’t Participate


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The reason I decided to start posting my thoughts in my own space on this website is largely due to the open and widespread hostility towards women, which runs rampant in so called ‘traditionalist‘, or ‘red-pill‘ alt-right type spaces. I grew extremely tired of defaulting to referring to, and raising awareness of the struggles women face – through use of only second or third person speech. The necessity of pretending to talk from a male or otherwise ungendered perspective became tiresome very quickly. It is hard as a woman trying to get these types of men to understand what we go through – and it is incredibly disappointing that they only seem to care when the woman in question is hypothetically a relative. Trying to convince myself that the endless tirade of what I can only at best call ‘locker room talk’, and at worst…

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Why Men Must Always Pay for Dates


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I’ve had numerous discussions in my life with women in regards to who should be the one to pay for dates. A common theme in the responses echoed is one of disdain. Either shown by lamenting male refusal to pick up the tab, or in the form of resentment towards their internalized responsibility to pay their own way. We can see that women as a whole aren’t pleased with the current dating climate, and this is causing strife for young couples and marriage rates in society today. As there are many parts to this complex question I’ve decided to lay out my arguments under headings, since they are all distinct key issues.

 Why He Won’t Pay

If a man makes or attempts to make you pay for a date, the first thing you must realise is that this is…

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‘Anti-Feminist’ YouTubers Part I: Career Propagandists & Distorted Egalitarianism

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I have noticed that in roughly the last six months – but especially in the last two, a noticeable number of women have been announcing themselves on YouTube as so called ‘anti-feminists‘. In terms of political positioning, they share a common worship of white ‘alt-right’ men, with most fully supporting the ‘Men’s Rights’ narrative of rights such as access to children without responsibilities to women and society. Talking points on their self-titled ‘shows‘ tend not to extend any deeper than discussions of ‘stupid feminists‘, ‘debunking college rape statistics‘, weird worship of Donald Trump (who can of course do no wrong), and very short segments about the ‘benefits‘ of civic nationalism and ‘egalitarianism‘. However you must not mistake this as an effort worthy of praise for ‘making an attempt’…

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