Hooping For Beginners – A Fun Way To Move Your Body

I wanted to share one of my new favorite pass times.  I introduce to you…hooping! It’s a really cheap, easy, and fun way to move your body and create visual art.  You can get LED hoops with cool LED lights on them, and if you’re a crazy person like me, you’ll work your way up to a fire hoop.  Yes, that’s right.  A hoop of fire that you spin around. I know, I know.  It sounds crazy.  I’ll show you a video after the tutorial that shows how it can be done safely.  You can get a really cheap hoop at your local dollar store to practice with to see if you like it and if you want a bigger hoop that is for adults you can order them online or find them locally. Fire hoops are made specifically for safety and I do not encourage you to attempt to make your own fire hoop.  Be safe and have fun!

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‘Severe Reactions’ to Vitamin K Shot

I have found the Vitamin K injection to be surrounded by the most fear mongering of all medical scams. When you look up this subject in further detail you will soon find pro-injection stories will include a personal tale of a child that dies because his ignorant mother wanted to be an ‘independent thinker’ who would not listen to better advice. You will not, however, easily find the statistics that show the death rate of the phytonadione injection or a horrific tale to accompany it.

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Permaculture for White Racialists: Blood and Soil Reborn

Yarilo of The Renegade Tribune


This essay series is meant to introduce the white racialists to proper permaculture theory. I emphasize the word proper because a lot of people (with good intentions) get a smattering of permaculture knowledge from the Internet, and they get (rightfully) excited, and then they do what they are able to and call it permaculture. While I admire their enthusiasm often times these people are unaware of the big picture, and they’re unaware of underlying fundamentals, so their design systems are flawed from the start. I hope these essays will correct or prevent these problems.

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