David Irving on the Holocaust

David Irving on the Holocaust from Sun Wheel Media on Vimeo

Note:  This is my first video editing project, an excerpt from a long “privately filmed interview” — Talking Frankly — from April 2009.  – Callwen

Topics discussed:  the marketing of the Holocaust narrative in the ’70s, reviewing his notes from his interview with Gebhard Himmler, his book Hitler’s War, becoming a “deviationist,” his role as expert in the Ernst Zündel trial, the Leuchter report, the ritual defamation of Fred Leuchter, and what he calls “innocenticide,” the crime of killing innocents.

The Alt Right was Led Into a Trap in Charlottesville, Pro-Whites Now Seen as Terrorists

In 2014 I organized the White Man March in an effort to raise awareness about White Genocide. Knowing our own weaknesses and the strengths of our enemies, I encouraged people to not engage in any planned marches, but instead to do hit-and-run flash demonstrations and localized activism. By doing so, they would be able to get the message out without facing off against Antifa or getting shut down by the police. Additionally, the only media of the events would likely only come from the organizers themselves, instead of hostile mainstream reporters. All things considered, our activism was a big success around the world, with a significant amount of media coverage after the fact, and although it was not supportive, the reports always included our message about White Genocide.

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Daniel Friberg


Daniel Friberg (27 November 1982) is the “S̶w̶e̶d̶i̶s̶h̶ Jewish mining tycoon bankrolling the Alt-Right’s global media empire” (IBTimes He is also the co-founder of That’s right. The Alt-Right is financially backed by a Jew. Are there more Jews behind the scenes? We’ll soon find out! :3

>inb4 Daniel isn’t a Jew

If this isn’t a Jew born of Scandinavian stock LARPING as a viking then I don’t know what is:

selfie 2

nordic altright

Maybe this is what they meant:


But.. maybe he’s not a Jew. Better check his last name…

ancestry nameYet another ornamental surname used by Jews to hide their Jewishness! Spencer…Southern…Enoch’s Jewish wife…I wonder who else is secretly a Jew (Anglin). SOURCE:

So who is this Jew? Daniel acquired his wealth through mining ventures. He now funds the Alt-Right’s propaganda machine, largely by way of his publishing company Arktos Media ( Arktos Media was…

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