“Robertson” received the scoring boat too far away

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Liverpool full-back Andy Robertson admits the gap between them and Premier League leaders Manchester City is too much to draw attention to at the moment.

Z went second in the Premier League after beating Brentford 3-0 over the weekend,

but City continued to score points. By they just defeated “Sing the Blues” and have a score of 11 points. Behind second place, although the race is more than the top team from Merseyside in one match.

Andy Robertson has admitted that the gap Man City have at the top of the Premier League is ‘too big’ for Liverpool to think about winning the title this season.

City’s 1-0 win over Chelsea on Saturday lunchtime stretched their advantage over the Reds to 14 points, though Jurgen Klopp’s side’s victory against Brentford cut that to 11 one day later.

Robertson admitted that the distance between them. He has too much for City to be interested in at the moment, with Liverpool focusing on winning their own game. Ufabet Report

Of the Premier League, we have to bridge the gap. But we have to focus on winning the game.”

“The distance is too much to pay attention to right now. We have to compete with one of the best teams. We will try and get as many points as possible.”