“Lampard” urged the team to bow down to fight, do not lose focus

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Everton manager Frank Lampard has urged his players to keep their heads up and go into relegation following their recent defeat to England’s Burnley

. Still doing a poor performance after losing to the team looking to escape relegation together like “The Clarets” 3-2, making them hit by opponents in 18th place, chasing them down to just one point.

“We got to the area well but weren’t sharp enough. At that point you always have to let the game open and we make mistakes and get the opponents goals,” Lampard told ufabet sports after the game

. if there is a lack of confidence we are in battle If we don’t know now then we will know. “

We are still above Burnley in the table so we keep fighting and looking forward.”

“Every team around us is in a similar state. You look at the results of several matches. That’s why we’re at this point. It’s because of the long-term results. which for nearby teams It’s the same for us.”

“We must not think too much about what other people say. We have to keep our head down and get ready for anything. Because if we make the same mistakes we made tonight then we have to be ready to fight

. and get ready for Saturday’s game Trying to keep good results so we can stay in the league.”

“The only thing we can do now is control what we can. That is to keep your head down and fight for the results.”