Features that make baccarat a favorite

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Features that make baccarat a favorite some people say that playing is fun, entertaining, including easy money. Some people play it because it’s fun, humorous and stress-relieving, but actually the main reason why it’s so popular, people like to play it is: UFABET

  • Exciting, challenging, fun, spending less time playing. Answer for people with little time but wanting to make a profit
  • Easy to play and quick to make profits. because it is a game with a pattern not very complicated. And can make a lot of money for the players
  • Various game types for you to choose from. There are many types of bets.

how to play baccarat

The play will be divided into 2 sides for players baccarat to choose to predict, namely
– the player’s side (PLAYER) or the blue
side – the banker’s side (BANKER) or the red side.How to play like a bounce card who will win is Those who face a total of 8 or 9 points, but Baccarat will have different rules and methods of playing. Because you are not the winner of the cards yourself. but you are the audience that can bet that Which side in the game will be the winner? Starting the game, there will be a dealer (dealer) dealing cards to the players. Both the banker (BANKER) and the player (PLAYER) side have 2 cards each. And you have to choose which side to bet on. will have a higher face value When both sides show 2 cards and still can’t decide a win-lose. A 3rd card will be drawn with a total score from 0 – 5. Need to draw more cards. 

Betting options

– Choose to bet on the Player side (Player) will receive a reward rate of 1 : 1, for example, placing a bet of 500 will receive a payout of 500 baht.
– A bet on the banker (Banker) will receive a reward rate of 1: 0.95
– Choose a bet on the banker side (Banker) will receive a reward rate of 1: 0.95.  A tie is awarded with a 1 : 8 payout ratio, but if you bet on the Player or Banker side You will get your stake back
– Player Pair will receive 1 : 11 odds. Choose to bet that the Player’s side will get 2 cards of the same rank, for example 3 – 3 , Q – Q.
– Banker Pair will receive a 1 : 11 reward rate, bet that the banker will receive 2 cards of the same
rank – Any Pair will receive a 1 : 5 payout rate. Bet that there will be 2 cards of equal rank. 
– Double pair (Perfect Pair) will receive a prize rate of 1: 25.
– Big bets will receive a payout ratio of 1: 0.5. Bet that in that turn a 3rd card will be drawn from either side.
– Small bets will receive a reward rate of 1: 1.5, bets on that turn The game ends without drawing more cards.

looking at face cards

counting the points from the face of the cards Same as playing bounce is
– 10 has points equal to 0
– J , Q , K has points equal to 0
– A has points equal to 1
– 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 will have points equal to the numbers in front of cards

How to count points

Total score count to count the results of the main points When both faces of cards are points. That can be counted in play, for example 6 and 7. The total of the points obtained is 13, count only the unit digits. will be equal to 3 points or J and 6, the sum of the points obtained will be equal to 6
– Natural or often called Pok cards when either side reveals the first 2 cards and has a total of 8 or 9
– La Petite (Lepe Tite) “Pok 8 ”
– Le Grande (Legrand) “Pok 9 ”
– Monkey (Monkey) Cards with a value of 0 are J , Q , K and 10.