SS Mate Selection and Race

By: of The Renegade Tribune

Summary of Our Demands

First, safeguard your health and, as long as you are at the age of development, be above all abstinent in regards to pleasure poisons (alcohol, nicotine) and sexual activity. (In this regard it should be remembered that precisely the Nordic person in general only reaches full maturity late.)

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‘Severe Reactions’ to Vitamin K Shot

I have found the Vitamin K injection to be surrounded by the most fear mongering of all medical scams. When you look up this subject in further detail you will soon find pro-injection stories will include a personal tale of a child that dies because his ignorant mother wanted to be an ‘independent thinker’ who would not listen to better advice. You will not, however, easily find the statistics that show the death rate of the phytonadione injection or a horrific tale to accompany it.

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