Twisting Fomenko’s Findings with Multicultural Chronology

According to Wikipedia ‘The New Chronology’ is a pseudohistorical theory that argues that the conventional chronology of Middle Eastern and European history is fundamentally flawed, and that events attributed to the civilizations of the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt actually occurred during the Middle Ages, more than a thousand years later.

Sounds crazy right?

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Flat Earth Keeps On Rolling

By: Lorenz Kraus

NBA star Kyrie Irving launched this recent round. Infowars was forced to address it in a discussion between Eddie Bravo and Owen Shroyer. One could see Shroyer’s instinct to be a battered wife. No matter what lies NASA tells, some people will come back for more. This is common among flag-waving whites who think the US government is their ally. Has Trump passed even one law in his first 100 days? He has the Senate and House. He is a historic bust.

Now Shaquille O’Neil has laid down the law. “The earth is flat.”

It is worth understanding how a fringe idea came into the mainstream and now attains conviction. That is what makes flat earth exciting from a white nationalist point of view. It is a study in persuasion; in the efforts of a few to properly address objections, have patience, keep on moving, to break out and to win, a majority.

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New Website and Talk Show Brings Ancient Aryans to the World

Over the past few months, it has been my pleasure to be a regular contributor to the Renegade Tribune. It has also been of a fantastic experience being on both Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt and working with Kyle on my own show on Renegade Broadcasting, Aryan Talk. Tuesday night we featured more explorations into Ancient Aryans as well as discussing the ancient origins of the White Aryan race and our continued racial preservation with Billy Roper (this interview is not a venue for CI). The following Tuesday we are going to interview Jared Taylor, pro white activist and editor of American Renaissance. We are going to be asking him some tough and relevant questions, often not asked by other interviewers.

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The Religion of the Ancient Celts: Gods and Men

Originally posted on The Renegade Tribune

Renegade Editor’s Note: Please note that the ways of our ancient ancestors have been tainted and skewed by the Semitic religion that conquered the continent, so it is hard to know what is true. This work from over 100 years ago is presented to add to your understanding, but not to endorse everything contained herein.

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Himmler and the Search for Icelandic Origins

By: of The Renegade Tribune

In previous articles, I have spoken at length about what I call the Aryan sun gods, or sky people. In fact on a recent episode of The Solar Storm, I discussed this matter briefly with Kyle Hunt. While our achievements as White Aryans surely cannot not be diminished by the erroneous claim that they were either stewarded or given outright by ancient “aliens”, the questions remains if we did not evolve from apelike creatures from Africa or the Biblical Adam and Eve, then where?

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From Druidism to the Vedic Texts: The Hindu-Celtic Connection

By: of The Renegade Tribune

The history of the ancient Celts is perhaps one of the most fascinating of all the world’s cultures. There has not only been evidence linking them to a primordial lost civilization in the North Atlantic, but even to the Indo-Aryans and modern Hinduism. The more we examine Europe’s Celtic roots the more discoveries are brought to fruition. It is becoming more than evident that many of this Earth’s lost civilizations, including that of India and China, owe their very existence to the ancient Celts. This essay examines both the mythical possibilities of a lost Celtic civilization of the north and speculation on their probable influence on India and surrounding regions. In brief, this essays sets to prove the dynamism of Celtic wisdom and heritage.

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