Summer Solstice Crafts for Children

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With Summer Solstice coming up, it’s the perfect time to be working on crafts with your children! I’ve taken the liberty of compiling my favorites from around the internet so far.

– Pressed Flower Mandalas –


These pressed flower decorations can be made with pressed flowers and Mod Podge. Find the tutorial here!

– Sonnenrad (Sun Wheel) –


 – Whimsical Faerie Houses –


This one is pretty simple, you’d just need to go to the forest and forage some flowers, moss, leaves, sticks and other items, along with a pot and some soil. Then hot glue everything together. For the rest of the little items, if your child doesn’t have any miniature toys floating around the house or in their toybox, you could always take a trip to your local craft store- they probably have miniature type items with the dollhouse stuff. 🙂 The tutorial is located here.  If…

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