Indiba Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

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Indiba Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

What is INDIBA  ?

is the technology of introducing radio frequency technology in the frequency range of approximately 0.5 MHz (mega-hertz) into the body. Which will cause the transformation of energy within the body. The temperature rises approximately 3- 5 degrees Celsius. There are 2 types of electrode heads use in treatment. The first type is Capacitive Electrode (CET) use for increasing blood and lymph circulation. Including helping to burn fat. The second type is Resistive Electrode (RET) used for stimulating lymph nodes in specific areas. Burn fat at a deep level From research. It has found that this level of frequency can Makes the skin firm and firm. proportional shape Smooth skin. Including reducing skin wrinkles effectively

How does INDIBA  work ?

It uses radio waves at a frequency of 0.5 MHz to cause the effect of Hyperthermia or artificial fever, which is a safe and effective method. By causing the body temperature to rise approximately 3 – 5 degrees Celsius (normal body temperature approximately 37 degrees Celsius) causes the following results:

1.Vasodilator Effect (expansion of blood vessels)

– Increase blood circulation

– Increase nutrients and oxygen to cells and tissues

– Restores skin cells to life.

2.Helps in stimulating and expelling lymph or expelling waste from the body.

3. Helps cause the burning of energy in the body, increases metabolism and breaks down fat.

4. Stimulate the creation of more collagen.

5. Make the skin smooth, tight and firm.

Results of treatment with  INDIBA

From the study it was found that After โปรโมชั่น ufabet the first treatment with INDIBA You will feel that your skin is firmer and less contoured in the treated area. The reduction of this proportion will be more or less depending on the condition of the skin and layer. Fat including age Each person receiving treatment You will also see a clear difference after approximately 5 treatments.

1. A body that is proportionate and tight.

2.Skin is smoother and livelier.

3. Wrinkles reduce and scars smoothed.

4.For a sagging face Can correct the shape of the face to make it slimmer and tighter.

Safety of treatment with  INDIBA

INDIBA is a very safe treatment. Because the temperature will not exceed 42-°C and is generate from within the body without any side effects. The treatment can performed every day. During the treatment, you will feel warm and comfortable and very relaxed.