The Management Of Human Beings

I don’t quite get it. Does author of the article tried to say that this is all a scam?”

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The Most Beautiful Name in All the World is Mother

Hitler believed in family, in nationality and caring for his nation’s families. He celebrated Motherhood. This article is to highlight his wonderful attitude to us moms. For every other Mother past and present, who carry our Nordic blood, I write his message to you all:

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Community Care: ‘Liberation of Children to Enjoy Their Natural Sexuality’

PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) was an advocacy group for child and paedophile “liberation” that operated openly throughout the seventies and eighties in Britain. As the name suggests, paedophiles openly campaigned for the rights of themselves and children to have sexually intimate relationships, whilst being able to find each other easily, and support one another. The magazine, MAG-PIE  (pied piper leading the children away) gave each other open access to criminal friends (or the elites the ability to have a wider circle of people to throw under the bus and hide behind). The labour government was extremely pro-PIE, including Harriet Harman, who met her husband Jack Dromey working for the NCCL for nine years, but apparently did not know what she was often supporting.

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March For Motherhood Not Planned Parenthood

The memes of over fifty years carry on:

My body, My rights, My Life”

The only women who were not allowed to march were those with anti-abortion signs. Well, they would not look very good next to all of those Planned Parenthood signs.

Encouragement came from ‘celebrities’ standing before a sign for Planned Parenthood; Scarlett Johanson gave a speech that was a lengthy advertisement for them. I must say that Ashley Judd was one of my favourites, highlighting the similarities between Hitler and Trump, and when she discussed women birthing future generations it was to recognise that we would birth all races and religions.

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‘Severe Reactions’ to Vitamin K Shot

I have found the Vitamin K injection to be surrounded by the most fear mongering of all medical scams. When you look up this subject in further detail you will soon find pro-injection stories will include a personal tale of a child that dies because his ignorant mother wanted to be an ‘independent thinker’ who would not listen to better advice. You will not, however, easily find the statistics that show the death rate of the phytonadione injection or a horrific tale to accompany it.

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Edward Bernays’ Brother-in-Law Designed The Nuremberg Trials

When we think of the name Bernays we often think of that Propaganda piece of shit. However his brother in law, Murray Cohen, sorry Murray Bernays, as he changed his name when marrying Edwards sister, was also cohencidentally a Jewish piece of shit who also got himself involved in the paperwork of war. I know, small world, right?

So, why and how could this Bernays be just as beastly? When Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt were deciding what to do with Germany, they took a stumble when the Morgenthau Plan was used to justify a firing squad on all ‘Nazis’, but was supposedly received badly and declined (although later revised). Before the trio could make more plans together, Roosevelt died and Churchill was replaced by Clement Attlee of Labour.

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Bernays Was The Beast

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