Horst Wessel 卐♥️

“I tell you: every fight with a Communist on any street corner, every small march of the SA in a sordid area, every Hall battle is a step forward on the road of German culture, and every head of an SA man who has been smashed in by the Communists was held for the people, for the Reich, for the house of the German culture.” – Horst Wessel, as quoted in the book “Die SA erobert Berlin” by Wilfred Bade.

3 thoughts on “Horst Wessel 卐♥️

  1. Spectacular-bravo-well done-commemoration of Horst Wessel. Today’s dumbed down-mind bent generations have NO idea of the truth hidden from them by-now-Globalists & Cultural Marxists-as well as Big Banks, corrupt histories, & International Jewry. Take Heart-We Are rising again-thanks to the war against the EU-Malignant Migrants, and United Nations sponsored multi-Culturalism.

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  2. Always thrilled to see a new post as they are few! But enjoyed everyone of them for years now and especially pleased to see “boudicacious” posts knowing the sacrifices she has made to stay true to her beliefs! I totally admire and honor her!
    Will be looking forward to the next post with great appreciation.
    Howard Alexander Stafford

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  3. A nice post especially if I have regard to the fact that Wessel had been entrusted by Joseph Goebbels as one of the first organizers of the Hitlerjugend in Wien and in Berlin.

    ANYWAY, it is interesting to remember that Horst Wessel was strongly prevented by his mother (and so deprived from her of the necessary financial funds) from continuing his university studies in Berlin Alexander Platz for his engagement and, subsequently, for his choice to go and live with his mate Erna Jaenke.

    ALMOST CERTAINLY the serious difficulties of Wessel’s mum with regard to the choice of her child were not linked to the choices of ideological nature of her child (until then dear to her) but to the from her not welcome person and personal qualities of his son’s so dear mate Erna Jaenke.

    HOWEVER, and it also must be remembered in honor of Horst Wessel, that in those years he did feverishly all kinds of jobs ( waiter, distributor of commercial flyers, street sweeper, truck driver and, yes really, cleaner of public latrines) to make up for the total sudden lack of economic funds to maintain himself and pay for his own house and for his heroic life contract with his so dear Erna, also taking care of this very primary aspect of everyone exixtence as well as of the propaganda and journalistic sublime activities which Horst Wessel, simultaneously, carried out within the SA on direct (and beyond all suspicion) behalf of Joseph Goebbels.

    As always the personal and his exclusive own works of boudicacious are very welcome with the wish that I personally make to her of a decisive and exclusively her own revival of this beautiful online magazine.

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