Wide Awake Gentile

Launched in August, Gab has become known as a safe haven for the “alt-right” movement

The social network currently has 100,000 members and another 200,000 on its waiting list, according to the company.

Headquartered in the Caribbean island Anguilla, Gab is “bootstrapped,” or  self-financed, with some donations from the “Gab community.”Business Standard

No one seems to have any idea who so generously put out money to create Gab Being registered in Anguilla means US regulators cannot esquire either

Anguilla is  a British Protectorate It is also a tax haven and its very unusual for a startup to open in a taz haven when its making losees not profits  Anguilla also has the Ultimate in Kosher Luxury Escapes

Anguila is also a moneylaundering haven  A large chunk of cocaine  money is laundered here The Jewish New York crowd parties here Michael  Steinhardt, a retired hedge…

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11 thoughts on “GAB.AI MOSSAD CLICKBAIT?

  1. OMG! I have an account at GAB which is a Godsend especially when Twitter refuses to print my tweets! boudicacious, I would imagine you have checked it out but if not you are most welcome to visit my page: ! After all, I am wide open public all over the ‘Net Universe!!

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  2. IMPORTANT! Comment by Andrew Torba, CEO of, “Google could offer Gab $10 billion tomorrow to buy us out and shut us down and I’d tell them to eat shit in a very public way.” 4 days ago!

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  3. That article a woefully out of date. Gab has well over 500,000 subscribers now and there is no waiting list. Gab is dedicated to free speech and there is a great variety of it on the site, some of which is quite obnoxious. But what I find offensive is likely different from what you find offensive. It’s the nature of free speech.

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  4. Perhaps you should not blame the Mossad for things it didn’t actually do – like organizing Gab or conducting a controlled demolition on 9/11; it just makes people suspect that you’re on the CIA’s payroll or something.


      1. Dear boudicacious, I have always had total faith & belief in you without wavering! Of course I am vigilant about everything especially as I was blessed with a quite high I.Q. and the finest education + always continue to educate myself everyday! I am sure I have said before but certainly worth repeating, boudicacious, I admire you, respect you and salute you for doing an awesome job of spreading the truth!!
        Thank you so very much and I will always support you…… PERIOD!!
        Howard Alexander Stafford

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