11 thoughts on “GAB.AI MOSSAD CLICKBAIT?

  1. OMG! I have an account at GAB which is a Godsend especially when Twitter refuses to print my tweets! boudicacious, I would imagine you have checked it out but if not you are most welcome to visit my page: ! After all, I am wide open public all over the ‘Net Universe!!

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  2. IMPORTANT! Comment by Andrew Torba, CEO of, “Google could offer Gab $10 billion tomorrow to buy us out and shut us down and I’d tell them to eat shit in a very public way.” 4 days ago!

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  3. That article a woefully out of date. Gab has well over 500,000 subscribers now and there is no waiting list. Gab is dedicated to free speech and there is a great variety of it on the site, some of which is quite obnoxious. But what I find offensive is likely different from what you find offensive. It’s the nature of free speech.

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  4. Perhaps you should not blame the Mossad for things it didn’t actually do – like organizing Gab or conducting a controlled demolition on 9/11; it just makes people suspect that you’re on the CIA’s payroll or something.


      1. Dear boudicacious, I have always had total faith & belief in you without wavering! Of course I am vigilant about everything especially as I was blessed with a quite high I.Q. and the finest education + always continue to educate myself everyday! I am sure I have said before but certainly worth repeating, boudicacious, I admire you, respect you and salute you for doing an awesome job of spreading the truth!!
        Thank you so very much and I will always support you…… PERIOD!!
        Howard Alexander Stafford

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