Women Beware: James Laffrey The Creeper

I just had to post this e mail to warn the other ladies out there.  This old guy is basically writing us because he wants a woman to breed with.  I wrote back to him asking him if he had come up with a breeding contract yet, but he seemed to get a bit triggered by that.  He also seems to think that we should heap the responsibility of already adult White males, onto the backs of children.  What a winner! Enjoy the cringe.

He then came at me with this:

Come on ladies! Don’t you want to have sex with an old guy who will be in diapers by the time your children become adults?




15 thoughts on “Women Beware: James Laffrey The Creeper

  1. Great work Sinead. As lulzy as this old guy is it’s also infuriating he means to use white genocide and the fight against Jewry for his own personal, sexual gain. Disgusting.

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      1. Be honest. Real women will respect an honest man regardless of if they like what hes saying or not. People need to stop shaming people for having different wants then they do. That only turns people into decieving people into getting what they want

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      2. Yes. I’m glad he was honest and showed us that he has zero social skills and is delusional enough to think some 20 year old women would want to breed with a guy nearing his 60’s.

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  2. It looks like your purpose is to attack honest, principled White men.

    I suppose now you’ll attack me, too, just for expressing this opinion based on your behavior. Well, go ahead. I won’t join in any such mud match.


  3. Dear Sinead, I know I am late to the table on this one but thank God you are here to help sad young women who unfortunately did not have good Moms and Dads to teach them about their wonderful self worth as White Women and proud members of humanity!! As always, bless you Sinead for all you do!
    Howard Alexander Stafford

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  4. I’m sick of old men who waste their youths fucking around and then decide they want children at age 50 and feel entitled to much younger women.

    Men need to know that hey can’t wait around until 50 to have kids. Just because they can produce sperm until they die, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Science has proven that old sperm leads to: Autism, Schizophrenia, ADHD, and other illnesses. Ever wonder why the autism rate keeps rising? BECAUSE OF OLD FATHERS!

    Besides, having an old father sucks. Children need young parents who are energetic enough to run after them and play. They also need parents who won’t die by the time they graduate high school because parenthood doesn’t end once a child turns 18! Nobody wants a grandpa as their father!!

    Stop wasting your time, men. Find a good woman and get married young. There’s no reason to wait until 40 or 50 to get married and have children.


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