A Little Investigation – Part 3

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I had planned to post this a few days ago but became distracted by work.

Forgive the delay.

little wife degeANTIFA has recently doxed Patrick Little’s wife, Lisa Dege/Deryl Bennett, a student at UC Berkeley, and exposed Patrick for living off his spouse’s loans/student assistance. So Part Three of this investigation will focus on his campaign manager, Samaria Ruiz.

Ruiz 1Right Wing Watch shows Samaria Ruiz, aka Samaria Salazar, has worked not only for Patrick Little and Baked Alaska but also the goat’s blood drinking Thelemite Augustus Invictus.

ruiz 8augustusWho is the witch responsible for creating e-celebs and running their political campaigns? Let’s find out!

ruiz 3Samaria Ruiz’s maiden name is Salazar.

ruiz 4Salazar is a Jewish surname.  To verify let’s look at additional sources.

ruiz 5little wife jew 4Not only is her maiden name Jewish but so is her first name.

ruiz 6

She’s a fucking Jew. Just like Patrick Little, Mike Enoch, Baked Alaska, Weev, Anglin, and all…

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