Joshua Powell for Oregon House District 11

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josh 1Joshua Powell is yet another (((anti-Semite))) running as a Republican, this time in Oregon. He looks kinda Jewish. Who is he?

josh 11josh 12His Twitter lists the domain The Whois information returns an address and phone number in Hawaii along with his regular gmail address.

josh 13 It seems the address belongs to a photography studio.

josh 6Allen Martin opened a photography studio in Hawaii in the 80’s. His studio employs only himself and generates over $100k/year. He must be a very talented photographer.

josh 14Although Allen has been in business since the 80’s, his studio has no social media or even a website. Maybe the listed phone number will return results?

josh 15Success! We’ve found a new a physical address linked to the phone number.

josh 16Yet another photography studio.

josh 22But this studio is run and managed by Jenny and Reginald Yee. Odd.

josh 2023 years in business. They must be professionals…

josh 17josh 18josh 23.JPG  It’s…

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