The Most Triggering Post Ever!!!

I recently saw a hilarious thread on twitter by a user named “Joy”, that laid into the alt right boyzzz and the manofreaks.  Enjoy!

Modern females get critiqued 24/7 in far right twitter, so let’s have some fun and do modern males. Keep in mind these generalization don’t apply to all men . NAXALT bla bla bla… hereeee were gooooo!

You are disgustingly addicted to porn. So much so that 40% of men UNDER THE AGE OF 40 have porn-induced erectile dysfunction. You literally fap your dicks limp. Not old dudes, here, young dudes, under 40. Almost have you have ED. LOLOLOL

Your sperm counts are so low and you have about 50% of the testosterone levels you had 100 years ago. It’s so bad that the WHO head to change their testing ranges because technically so many men were considered infertile via sperm counts.

Your faces/skin literally look estrogenic. You have smaller shoulders, chins, and bigger, doe-like feminine eyes.  This is the real reason modern women chase the top 20% of men. They are chasing T levels. T levels that are literally sub optimal for female breeding standards.

Feminism has so thoroughly flourished not because of social engineering, but because you’ve gone soft, morally, intellectually, and physically. Studies show that women surrounded by high T men have less feminist attitudes. Testosterone makes women feel safe. Modern men are lacking.

So many of you are literally turning gay. You’re attracted to traps (vomit), you play with dolls, obsessed with anime and you act like eternal feminine children.  Men with normal testosterone levels are repulsed by these things.

You are the most narcissistic and least deserving generation of men who existed yet. You bitch about women not being able to cook when most of you couldn’t work on your car, plumbing, carpentry, like our boomer dads could, to save your lives.

The men who *can* get laid are getting laid in disgusting amounts & the men who don’t have access to sexual resources view so much porn to make up for it. Gross to think by the time my future husband sees my on my wedding night, he’ll have seen thousands of naked females before me

Hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes literally had to start making tutorials on how to use tape measures, hammer nails and basic bitch stuff like that because sales had been going down as customers got younger and didn’t even know how to do these basic things. LOLOLOL

The military had to lowers standards NOT because females were testing so horribly (which you’d expect) but bc the fitness level of male recruits was worse than ever before. Even basic motor skills that children were supposed to learn in youth (like summer salts)many men can’t do

Specifically for FAR RIGHT “men”. I guess this would include mannospherians, altright, far right, white nationalists, and again NAXALT. This doesn’t apply to normie conservatives or classical liberals usually.

While there are some good eggs, the rest of you are honestly the genetic dead-ends of society. Genetic losers are attracted to fringe political movements bc they tend to be the most affected by societal ‘injustice’.

Women and less optimal males are always the first to be affected by environmental and societal problems, because they are weaker and more sensitive.

This is why so many ‘normie’ conservative men are still normies. They, out of all demos, are the most fit, have the highest T, biggest biceps, detest socialism the most. They’ve been able to adjust to harder times and adapt instead of seeing times as super problematic.

So you can stop ‘othering’ the soy boys, because you ARE the soyboys. You are NEETS, and autists, and whiny, and you are more disenfranchised by the economy and anti-white, anti-male stuff because you are genetically inferior than other white men.

You praise muslims for how the treat women because you are weak men. you are r/selected men (google it) like leftist men are. You feel threatened by women, so you want them to HAVE to be subservient to you. strong men do not feel threatened by women. AT ALL.

You whine and bitch about women more than Marxist feminists bitch about men. It literally is the least masculine thing in the world, to be whining so much about the women. It makes you seem weak.

There is a way to discuss and address the current anti-white, anti-male predicaments that don’t show weakness but you don’t do it. And to be fair, it’s not even your fault. You’ve been hormonally and culturally emasculated. You don’t know how to emote or communicate like men.

but what’s worse is you coddle one another. insulating yourself in the echochamber of blaming women, blaming society, blaming mom and dad, instead of doing what needs to be done to get your balls back and find happiness.

Redpills for thee but nor for mee, is basically your motto. You don’t want to accept the hard-to-swallow truths about modern males, and especially, far right males. but you’re super quick to dish’em out about women. My father, flawed as he was, was a real man. THE END (hope you’re all triggered….and if you are, it’s because the truth hurts)


7 thoughts on “The Most Triggering Post Ever!!!

  1. So sad, so true! As a 68 year old father (thank God, a daughter + granddaughter). I have to agree totally with this article and as it notes, fortunately there are a few good men left. Sadly, if something isn’t done, it is going to get worse. Since I was a boy, I naturally admired women/girls as full equals and so disturbed that so many young men today are total losers! It is not fair that all the women have to compete for the few decent men left! This has to change fast or the White Race is in deep shit!

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  2. Hmm, It’s true I spent more time learning to spell somersaults than performing them. 😛

    I think repairing the car ought to get a pass too, aside from basic servicing & small mechanical parts/jobs they’re replacement not repair more & more these days. In fact I saw a short doco recently on John Deere? owners hacking their tractors because they’re unable to perform even the simplest repair on newer models. Without triggering the computer to shut down until you say the magic word. Proprietary software & all that. Cars are becoming much the same I think, which can breed a learned helplessness.

    Hard to argue with the rest. Much like TV was supposed to be the greatest tool for education & beauty the world has yet known but was twisted into the opposite, it seems the internet has slowly gone the same way, but for connectedness & knowledge. Both mediums have their kernel of awesomeness drowned in an ocean of unrelenting cancer.

    The current thorn in my side is demoralisation. Everyone is either heartbroken or a complete fuckwit. I have one friend 5 years from paying off his mortgage & another 15 years deep in negative equity. I talk to them both about the many faceted creeping death that may swallow us all, “I don’t need to know, I have bills to pay.” is always the short answer.
    I clicked over from your ‘Discordian Origins of The Alt Right’ post, I was going to link it to a young local lad & his little team of red pills who’ve gone from Farage to Sovereign citizen shit to Kalergi, cut the chase straight to Hitler, & are now posting Churchill quotes & screencaps of ‘Q’. It’s enough to make you wish you were a fuckwit. Is that the longer (((plan)))? You dip a toe into the darkside & find yourself surrounded by even fatter, uglier, larping faggots? We’re surrounded by wankers that begin preaching when they’re 3″ deep. This is true across the whole spectrum for sure.

    I’m usually pretty mute online, two ears one mouth, right, but renegadebot on twitter always has my attention. Even if you manage to trigger me, a bit, now & then. One of a handful of trusted voices out of a billion.
    It’s good that you’re still doing the do guys. Cheers.

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  3. Thanks be to white women for stuff like this. Sure it’s sad, but where would us men be if we weren’t honest with ourselves, and if our female counterparts weren’t honest with us? There would literally be no future for our race without you. As for being triggered, I’m a young man, and it hurt slightly to read this, but knowing it’s true led to nothing but encouragement and determination to improve. A reminder that there’s a reason why women prefer certain men is extremely welcome because disappointing encounters with less honest and less aware women can leave a guy disillusioned.

    Boudicacious – new Celtic heroine? Much love

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  4. Awesome post! It’s exhausting seeing all the woman hatred in nationalist circles.
    And of course this is not the case with all men! But I noticed that those who are the loudest misogynists are also the biggest creeps.

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  5. I think the points you are making are valid, but I would like to respond to this with my personal experience.
    You say that men watch too much porn, very likely true. I, however, never watch porn.
    You say that men have developed low T and feminine features, very commonly true. Due to my occupation, working out and eating right, I have healthy, masculine features and healthy T levels.
    You say that men are unable to fix and build things. Very commonly true. I, however, am a master mechanic and welder. I am skilled in automotive repair, welding, carpentry, electrical repair, plumbing, operating heavy machinery, landscaping, painting, gardening, COOKING and many other things.
    Six or seven years ago, when I was still a 145 lb degenerate, going to raves, using drugs, working a crappy job, I got laid all the time and always had girls interested in me.
    Fast forward to today: I objectively look better, I feel better, Iam more confident, I no longer use alcohol or drugs, I work in a career I enjoy (heavy equipment mechanic) and make good money doing it. I.e.: I have found a true masculine purpose. Yet, I couldn’t find a gf right now to save my life. I have probably been rejected by like 1000 women in the past couple years.
    I know you are writing from the perspective of a traditional woman, but try to understand: women like you are so rare today. Alot of the animus young White men have for White women today is due to the fact that 99.99999% of White women are degenerate thots. In my personal experience, the REAL Chads getting most of the White women are drug dealers, gang bangers, club promoters, and various other kinds of fun and interesting yet socially parasitic men. These same women shun men with careers in trades and with regular jobs, I suppose because they are considered “boring” or “unadventurous”.
    Any decent man initially looks for warmth, companionship and loyalty in a woman, before he can think about kids/marriage/ etc. Although I think YOU could offer those things, in the real world decent women are almost nonexistent.
    Thanks for reading. Yeah, this article had me triggered, so I just had to put in my response to it. I would love to hear what you think.

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