Atomwaffen Division – Links to Jewish Talmudism and Other Abrahamic Cults

AtomWaffen, which literally translates to Atomic Warfare or Nuclear Weapon War Division, is a Reactionary Neo-Nazi Group within North America which seeks the ultimate and total destruction of the system (Which they commonly call ZOG, aka the United States of America), and if not, the world, through whatever means necessary.  Key point being, necessary. Whether it be total anarchy within the United States (commonly referred to the “Racial Holy War”) or a totalitarian dictatorship (commonly referred to “Day of the Rope”). Their goals often reflect to the opposite side of the spectrum, such as ANTIFA and their use of the mantra of SIEGE to justify their abhorrent acts of terror.  They often ironically(or unironically) cite open alliances with Antifa and the Juche Regime of North Korea.   This is demonstrated by one of their many edgy “propaganda” posters featured later in this article.  One begs the question however, “Is there anything wrong with the “Left” adopting the”Right’s” Tactics and the “Right” adopting the “Left’s”?” This question is ultimately answered in the book, SIEGE.

Question: What should happen to the world, if we and our comrades are not destined to rule it?

Answer: May a shower of atom bombs cleanse this earth if our comrades cannot rule it.

Just one of the many questions AtomWaffen asks you on their Orientation.

This group, whilst not insignificant, yet not overtly large, operates on a “decentralized” system of “cells”, all over North America.  The basic premise being that each “cell” has 2 right hand men that directly report to their cell leader, and those 2 right hand men have their own 2 right hand men themselves, and so on.  Now this is nothing new or revolutionary, as many anarchist and guerrilla organizations operate on this basis as it allows for the group to not be compromised under all circumstances, such as the one cell leader being compromised.  It also protects from any altercations with government forces, those with big ambitions to rise up in the ranks and sabotage the whole operation.  This is exactly what happened to AtomWaffen earlier in May 2017. An ex-White Muslim convert had uncovered plans for a potential terror bombing, and decided to take matters in his own hands, killing his own “comrades”. Whether or not this person was justified in his actions, or if this story is even real, is ultimately up to the morality of the reader.  This poses the grand old question of “would you kill baby Hitler?”. Obviously not, since killing babies is bad and this seems to be the position AtomWaffen is taking. But as a result, AtomWaffen, a leaderless resistance, had it’s leader arrested.  Now their new leaderless leader goes by the name of “Rape”.  A nod to one of their books on their reading list, called Iron Gates.  It is a snuff, gore and torture porn book, where a baby is raped to death in an apocalyptic post-war environment within the first chapter.  In other words.  Utterly talmudic.  Utterly jewish.

One common motif of AtomWaffen’s propaganda is accelerationism, and a collapse of the system. This is a common term passed around these “fascist” groups.  They believe that the the picture below is “good optics” and “good aesthetics”.


AtomWaffen is no different to Antifa, with their edgy aesthetics of a skullmask and camo. Or even all black. What I do have a problem with, however, is often the mixed messages of AtomWaffen’s propaganda. Who is this propaganda aimed at? How does this propaganda affect us on an emotional and physical level?  There is ultimately something more sinister at work here. Many of AtomWaffen disavow the term “Nazi” altogether, preferring the term “Mansonite”.  This is where SIEGE comes in. SIEGE is simply a collection of StormTrooper articles written by James Mason and Joe Tomassi. The first half of the Book Covers various themes and motifs of National Socialism. It is very well relevant in this day, and applicable to the current political climate.  It should not be viewed as the bible of National Socialism .That is Mein Kampf. SIEGEtards take the other side of the bagelian dialectic.  SIEGEtards/Atomwaffen and the Alt Right, are still just two sides of the same kosher shekel.

“I am compelled at this time to add my voice to those few who have demanded that such things as “Phase One” type activities must STOP. Simply such nonsense as trying to “make headlines”, “confront the enemy”, or “rally the White masses” won’t work, never has worked, and almost always results in merely revealing our weaknesses and making us look like idiots. The very strategy itself calls for numbers which we do not have at this time. My view is that just because the Jews and Liberals have succeeded in making goyim out of the vast majority of Whites, we need not sacrifice ourselves in the vain attempt at proving them wrong. We have GOT to trashcan 1933 strategy and tactics. They won’t work. (PAGE 59”)

Translation: Street activism doesn’t work.  Just wait for the end of the world, or hasten  it’s arrival.  This is not to argue that the “street activism” the Alt Right engages in, such as Charlottesville and Berkley, are somehow good for our folk.  They are not. But that is their job.  To make it so we can’t go out on the streets and peacefully assemble because we are all now deemed “terrorists”.  The Atomwaffen furthers that image, as they literally say “We support political terror” as demonstrated later in this article.

The perversion of SIEGE can be all be attributed to Joe Tomassi, the brains behind the brawn.  James Mason’s acquaintance with Charles Manson is demonstrated in the 2nd half of SIEGE, which is solely dedicated to pure political propaganda.  There is even a chapter on Manson’s antics. National Socialism was ultimately ruined for Americans when James Mason made an appearance on the Christian Evangelical Interview show and making National Socialism out to be a Satanic Death Cult.  This ultimately killed any form of National Socialism altogether within America and threw away George Lincoln Rockwell’s life’s work. James Mason never did what he advocated for. “Do as I do, and not as I say”, correct?

Considering some of their members have embraced Salafism (radical form of Islam) and Satanism, I highly doubt they were good in the first place. And spamming posters on University campuses doesn’t count.

A Blood Tempel Graphic of supposed AtomWaffen member, in which he holds a Liber 333 Grimoire, which was written by a member of Combat 18

From the book Hostia, specifically a passage about Satanists joining Right Wing Groups in order to subvert them into Satanism

Above, Image from the Order Of Nine Angles, Left, same image, with Turner Diaries edited on top. This shirt is available for purchase on amazon.

This is what Rape looks like in real life

To all those who defend Manson, Manson did nothing for the movement. He is no warrior of truth, but a warrior of lies.  Manson did nothing his entire life and he should not be looked upon as a respectable role model of the Aryan Race. To the right, there is a graphic by Manson with a halo containing the Baphomet and pentagrams circling around Manson. You need only to read SIEGE to realize that Manson was a sociopath.

Note, “We Stand For Organized Terror” within SIEGEculture’s twitter (which is ran by Rape) and the title of the video from the channel “Beast Barracks” whom we suspect is also being ran by Rape. Not to mention the blood ritual of Manson, is also one of Rape’s profile pictures on discord which coincidentally, we can see many blood rituals on the Beast Barracks channel.  The user bleeds on various pictures of Hitler and even writing in a grimoire.

These people are freaks.

Content Warning, some real disturbing content from various links of AtomWaffen (specifically RAPE  their defacto leader) and their connections of Order of the Nine Angels.

A series of ugly, death obsessed images (link below image)

Regarding The Church of Satan (link below image)

More weird videos:

A peek into their disturbing forum (archived link below image)

Whether or not this Adoption and “Co-option” of Satanic Aesthetics is just a “big meme”, begs the question, why adopt such an aesthetic in the first place? Isn’t the Swastika good enough? What about the Black Sun? This perversion of the Black Sun and Swastika, a symbol that manifests the spiritual energy of the Aryan in the material plane should not be linked up with the Baphomet whatsoever. The literal symbol and manifestation of Satan within the material plane. Symbols are powerful, and praying (or even sacrificing) towards a symbol causes your spiritual energy to be drawn to such a symbol, to be given to the higher being on the spiritual plane. Kind of like leaving your garbage outside of your house to only be collected by the TrashMan (bad analogy I know). One good example of this is Islam, where Muslims must all face towards Mecca when praying, towards a small black box containing a meteorite which is literally the symbol of Saturn, another satanic perversion.

In fact, it can be argued that all Abrahamic faiths are a Satanic perversion. The Cross is merely the 2d template of the 3d cube, and a lot of devout Christians I’ve met in my lifetime seem institutionally insane. In Islam, a lot of symbology reflects the moon and the Lunar (anti) Tradition as well as worshipping and channeling energy towards a meteorite from saturn. Judaism, uses the star of david, which is merely a the manifestation of the 3d cube (2d hexagon) in the 4th dimension. Thus, Christianity is characterized by a distinct contempt of life and Nature. It is a religion for losers and dreamers who cannot cope with the the challenges of life but just vegetate along, trusting that “the last shall be first and the first shall be last.”  Christianity regards any criminal good-for-nothing and mentally deficient fool as a more valuable human being than the industrious and creative citizen. It represents a set of norms and values that put the virgin above the mother, the monk above the father of a family, and the weak and suffering above the strong and victorious, and the dead above the living. It scorns any pleasure in life and glorifies self-torture and self- abasement as positive indications that man fights his flesh and accepts that he is born as a vessel of sin because he is not all spirit. Hitler knew this and the level of Jewish subversion within the Catholic Church, and thus promoted a form of “Positive Christianity”. However, if we were to make a new National Socialist state, we must disregard all Abrahamic faiths entirely, as their Weltanschauungs (will be explained later) in their own right, which come in direct contact with the Weltanschauung of National Socialism. Here is an article about why Islam and Christianity (both Saturn cults) are incompatible with National Socialism On Christianity and National Socialism.

On Islam and National Socialism 

Do we, as Aryans, not worship the Swastika and the Black Sun? .National Socialism is merely a worldview in which the National Socialists believe that Nature/God established universal laws, and these should be discovered, implemented, and adhered to. To simply state otherwise is a insult to National Socialism. Unfortunately, one thing we can say for certain, is that, many “redpilled” Natsocs, despite their reading or lackluster effort in reading ‘Mein Kampf’ fail to understand the Weltanschauung (worldview), or may have missed the Weltanschauung entirely presented in Mein Kampf.  They thus dabble into things lesser when asked this question “What is the definition of National Socialism?”. Many will reply with half hearted answers such as “A Government for the people”, “Authoritarian Nationalism”, “National Capitalism”, “Third Positionist” or even “Trotskyite Neoconservatism” (I got this one from debating a Libertarian). No, this is wrong, and as stated before, to say such a thing is an insult to National Socialism.  Not only that, you are viewing National Socialism through the lens of the enemy. As the enemy will always apply what they hold dear in their own political beliefs to that of National Socialism. National Socialism is and was.  It is greater than some stupid policies a government made 70 years ago. You cannot define a Weltanschauung (worldview) by Political and Socio-Economic policies, just as you cannot describe religions (worldviews) with Political and Socio-Economic policies.  Thus, it is our job as National Socialists to drive into the minds of our like-minded comrades, that National Socialism in not a (political) Ideology, but a Worldview.

Why don’t you ask a real National Socialist their definition of National Socialism instead of supplanting your own worldview, riddled with falsehoods? If the world does not accept National Socialism as it’s hope of a future, man will be facing destruction.  For sure, this is not a question of politics. It is our very existence that is at stake. Can you afford to waste more of your time?

AtomWaffen allows racemixers within their ranks

Kyle and Sinny from Renegade did a show on this as well:



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