The Problem of Stephen McNallen & His Abuse of Women

To those that may not know, Stephen McNallen was the head of the Asatru Folk Assembly in the United States for many years. Just recently he announced he would be hosting the Wotan Network via the Red Ice Creations TV crew who pretend they’re out of Sweden, but are really in the United States. Over the past year, McNallen has fought alcoholism, been dealing with issues of his liver and has been in the hospital more than a few times. This fact has been carefully concealed by those around him, almost to the point that few realize how bad McNallen’s alcoholism has gotten.

McNallen is married to his wife of many years and for the sake of her sanity, we do not mention her name in this writing. We truly believe she is a victim of standard psychological abuse and manipulation.

For those in Nevada City who have dealt with McNallen and for the locals in Brownsville, it was clear to see for many of us involved that McNallen is, psychologically speaking and without fear of legal action, a classic sociopath. Judging from his online behavior and by using the Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised, McNallen checks off on nearly all but a few of the traits that actual, certified psychologists use to determine if someone is sociopathic or psychopathic.

Given that McNallen is still the defacto head of the Asatru Folk Assembly, also known as the AFA, plus the fact that Red Ice Creations is now going to ‘weaponize’ his message, we have a clear problem that is developing.

Plus, there is no one out there to stop him.
McNallen, in our opinion, is a cult leader extraordinaire.

Regardless of your views on race, many of the ‘reasonable’ voices within the Folkish Asatru movement have stepped aside due to rapid escalation of cultic fervor that uncomfortably smacks of the very same thing that one witnessed during Ron Jone’s the Third Wave. Any questioning of McNallen or the staff of the Asatru Folk Assembly is completely shot down, dissenters are ostracized and people who question the direction of the new movement of the McNallen machine are marginalized.

McNallen’s views on women are well known to those both in the Folkish community and to his detractors. Despite his ‘in the kitchen’ rhetoric, McNallen practically lives off his own wife at their California home. And this is where McNallen’s story as a cult leader gets interesting and with an obvious twist nearly everyone familiar with California based cults will completely spot.

Charlotte Hoxie

Charlotte Hoxie is a troubled, but formerly dedicated member of the Asatru Folk Assembly. Since being abandoned by the cult for the sake of McNallen’s legacy and reputation, few know her whereabouts. Before the time of this writing, she lived in Florida for many years where she attended high school according to several newspapers from that region.

During her spiritual seeking, she found the Asatru Folk Assembly, started out as an assistant community builder and quickly rose to a regional community builder. From 2012 to 2014, she was the main leader for community building in the American South for the Asatru Folk Assembly; all at the tender age of 20. This odd selection process was based on many factors. What did a 20 year old women with little understanding of relationship or community building have to offer? Women, despite the rhetoric, were in short supply in many folkish movements. The leadership felt that a young woman would bring in more male and female members, a goal which McNallen throughly endorsed.

She came from a deeply troubled home and was easily manipulated by McNallen. Hoxie’s fascination with McNallen increased as well. His grandfatherly attention then turned to sexual affection and both started an affair unknown to his wife and the rest of their organization.

McNallen used his influence on the young woman through their increasing sexual bond and convinced Hoxie to move to California. There, separated from what family she had left, Hoxie was completely immersed in the cult’s structure and culture. This was the point in which McNallen, who was already having trouble with his marriage and his drinking, moved the young woman into his home.

For the first time in her life, she was important. Hoxie, being given the reigns of the organization’s internal structure, was fanatically devoted to McNallen. This issue became overly obvious to the organization’s leadership. While he was the founder and then leader, McNallen was brought to task for his affair with the young woman. This was ‘bad optics’ according to those surrounding McNallen. As the affair became more open to those in the California sect, and due to McNallen’s deteriorating health and marriage, the Asatru Folk Assembly began to make plans for McNallen to step down.

The events culminated here in California. Plans were made to replace McNallen with another Floridian, Matt Flavel. Flavel was a favored member of the assembly, having natural leadership skills, charisma and finesse. Still, realizing that McNallen’s affair could prove disastrous to the community, the organization moved fast to get rid of Hoxie. In short, the young woman was sacrificed for the good of the organization and to save McNallen’s tedious reputation. Due to all the problems at the McNallen home and convincing his wife not to leave him, the Asatru Folk Assembly swept the entire affair under the rug and carefully saved McNallen’s reputation just as the assembly’s plans for a community center were being unveiled in nearby (Cali wise), Brownsville.

During a drunken tirade at the group’s new community center, June of 2016, McNallen himself was forcefully removed from the grounds and sent home. Again, his actions were concealed for the sake of the growing community. In classic cultish fashion, people rallied around the image of McNallen, while the drunken older McNallen, a man fraught with both narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies, was sent home while the affair was cleaned up.

One has to wonder what such an illicit affair, drunkenness and cult like manipulation has to do with Heathenry? In short, if falls clearly outside of the value range of our Ancestors. However it should be clear to anyone reading this, it was the women that had to suffer and bear through McNallen’s mistakes.

We should be cautious as we enter into this new phase of development for McNallen’s plans to expand his already vast influence over America’s heathen community.

Written without attribution. The truth will make itself known. Hail the Gods!



2 thoughts on “The Problem of Stephen McNallen & His Abuse of Women

  1. Are you kidding? You washed up backstabbing cunt.. I used to promote you constantly because I thought you actually had ok views and excellent views on some things but now I realize you’re just an attention seeking bitch who goes against anyone and everyone whether they’re our people or not. Why don’t you start putting your flaws out for everyone to see?? I don’t read any stories about the fucked up shit you’ve done!!! I think it’s time to do some research on you cause this is going too far. Stephen McNallen is a great man and as a woman who has met him personally- he has never portrayed any of what you describe in this fucked up announcement. He’s done more for our folk than you ever will- sitting behind your fuckin keyboard or video camera and bitching about everything wrong with life you cynical fucking cunt. I wish with all my heart I could meet you in person someday.

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