David Irving on the Holocaust

David Irving on the Holocaust from Sun Wheel Media on Vimeo

Note:  This is my first video editing project, an excerpt from a long “privately filmed interview” — Talking Frankly — from April 2009.  – Callwen

Topics discussed:  the marketing of the Holocaust narrative in the ’70s, reviewing his notes from his interview with Gebhard Himmler, his book Hitler’s War, becoming a “deviationist,” his role as expert in the Ernst Zündel trial, the Leuchter report, the ritual defamation of Fred Leuchter, and what he calls “innocenticide,” the crime of killing innocents.


One thought on “David Irving on the Holocaust

  1. I have always admired David Irving as well as the excellent Ernst Zündel who I have always supported even while he was in prison and kept in touch with his wonderful wife in Tennessee. Thank God we have these intelligent, articulate men who will never give up the fight to tell the whole, factual truth about our history. It is so disgusting that the powerful zionists lie and change the truth to suit there bullshit narrative!

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