UniteTheRight…with Jews?

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

The #UnitetheRight rally scheduled for August 12th in Charlottesville, Virginia, features as one of its scheduled speakers a libertarian named Pax Dickinson. Richard Spencer selected Pax Dickinson as a speaker for the rally. Mr. Dickinson is a brilliant and highly skilled tech guru and web designer who was controversially fired from his position as Chief Technology Officer of Business Insider a few years ago due to his making some trolling internet posts which feminists found offensive.

Mr. Dickinson, in seeking to create a communal Alt Right crowdfunding enterprise, has created Counter.Fund, which describes itself also as a self-governing political party. At the top of this Alt Right political party and fundraising endeavor, Mr. Dickinson has placed a Jew. Meet Peter Belau, a self-admitted, self-described Jew, who brags about how right-leaning Jews such as himself should be included in White Nationalism, as well as the Alt Right.

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One thought on “UniteTheRight…with Jews?

  1. My red pill journey started a year ago along with my “leaving Christianity” journey. They were very nuch hand in hand actually….anyway… I am new to all this but why the hell would we invite a Jew into this? Am I missing something here? Like I said I am new so I may be wrong, but the Jews seem to be at the core of nearly all the bs we are fighting against! ?? I’m not calling anyone out, I’m not knowledgeable enough to do that but I have seen Mr Spencer do and say some things that makes me question my understanding. Which is not a bad thing. Makes me dig deeper…always a good thing.


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