Nina Kouprianova ☭


Nina Spencer (19 October ??, Soviet Union), also known as Nina Kouprianova and Nina Byzantina, is the anti-white Communist propagandist wife of Jew Richard Spencer. They supposedly have one child together although no one seems to have ever seen either of them with her. We’ll not devote too much time to Nina personally. Suspiciously, I couldn’t find much on her private background, and so this post will address the ideas she promotes instead. Understanding her ideas, which seem shared with Spencer, is perhaps more important than knowing family trees. I will also introduce Aleksandr Duginin this post, but will write more on him later.

nina main pic.PNG

Some have claimed Nina Kouprianova is simply a Communist propagandist but I must disagree. It is much more complex than that. I believe she’s a National Bolshevik propagandist just like her effeminate husband.

richard spencer limp wrist fgt.gif

She promotes Communism, Marxism and Nationalism. And what do these three…

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