Sinead Has Been Fired for Free Speech – Show Your Support

Isn’t it interesting how we live in a country where we supposedly have free speech, but if we actually exercise it, we can no longer be gainfully employed. This is especially the case if you dare to support White interests and speak out about the tribe of people openly committing White genocide. If you’re a Black, a jew, a Mestizo, a Muslim, etc. advocating for your people, even in a very incendiary anti-White way, you are likely to be free from persecution, and possibly even promoted.

Sinead learned this the hard way, as she was recently terminated from her job due to an anonymous email to her employer. She was fired for the views she expressed outside of work as she never brought any of these issues to the workplace. How are White people supposed to survive if we cannot speak out against the systematic destruction of our people and still be able to feed our families?

Sinead has spent countless hours creating content for our movement for free, because she cannot sit idly by as we are attacked at every level. Now she has paid the price for her courage and honesty. Free speech is not free; it is very costly. If you have the means to do so, please send a contribution to Sinead.

Also, please share this message wherever you can.


9 thoughts on “Sinead Has Been Fired for Free Speech – Show Your Support

  1. This is simply outrageous! What are the laws on this because it seems when negroes, muslims, LBGTQ and women etc. are fired they immediately complain to the authorities and they are protected. Sinead, what is your legal status on this outright violation of your free speech rights? Always wish you the very best and thanks for standing strong for us all. God bless!

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  2. Sinead, who was your employer? Maybe if enough people told your employer “We will not buy your products, buy your services since you fired Sinead” that might make a difference. With companies and organization in general, money talks. I know when GrubHub make negative comments about his employees that were Trump supporters (yes, I know many here hate Trump), there was huge backlash. His stock dropped and the comments on his page were overwhelmingly against him for his comments.

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    1. This is an excellent idea! Plus we could share on FB, Twitter, Instagram, JewTube etc. maybe even going viral (I hope!). Please let us know the details so we can go to bat for you. I spend a bit of time supporting OUR wild horses running free on OUR public lands. I am fully aware how effective a good emailing, phone calling, PR etc. campaign can be. We are behind you 110% so just point us in the right direction.
      Always wishing you the very best and thanks for all you do for us,

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  3. Meanwhile, a black woman broadcaster on ESPN was denouncing Whitey on Twitter free of reprisal or remorse. We are literally in the infantile stage of The Turner Diaries. What’s truly disappointing is the person who most likely cost you your servitude is white.

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