Watch Me Countersignal White Sharia


2 thoughts on “Watch Me Countersignal White Sharia

  1. Well I now know what white Sharia is. It is the sickest, most evil thing against white women from white men I have ever heard of. The video was fantastic and very informative. I was glad the hostess did not bash us Catholics.

    The men in this video do not know anything about my religion. Rape and sexual touching a female against her wishes has always been considered a mortal sin. That means a person goes to hell excepting of course repentance and punishment. It was Church law and custom for females who had reached the age of reason to cover their head in church but I am not aware of any law saying we had to cover our heads outside of Church–though it was common historically for women to do so.

    The best modern example of a medieval Catholic mentality in a traditional Catholic country would be Fascist Spain under Franco. It was against the law for a woman to wear pants in public but there was no law on headwear. There was an American movie about this with Glenn Ford and Debbie Reynolds I think. I saw it last year with my grandmother in Texas on TMC or TCM. Rape was extremely rare in Fascist Spain due to the social attitudes against it and harsh punishment. Fascist Spain was the last Catholic country. When Franco died in 1975 so did Spain.

    White Sharia is the same as Islamic Sharia except we get abused and raped by whites instead of non-whites. So we have to dress like mummies and worship men instead of God. There are no words in my vocabulary that can fully describe what I think of White Sharia. The hostess was incredibly calm and professional. I was foaming at the mouth watching the video. Thank you for this information.

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  2. Okay. I am still mad at this White Sharia heresy. I watched the video again and when I heard one man say that it is hardcore Catholicism I became angry again. In the middle ages which was essentially Catholic in most of Europe women had jurisdiction over their children including their sons. They could and did inherit wealth, property, slaves, etc. And they inherited authority. Noble women had authority over estates and they inherited power. In short they could be Queens and rule kingdoms. Isabella of Spain, St. Margaret of Hungary etc. Also God sometimes used women for human inspiration. Like St. Joan of Arc who essentially freed the French from unjust English control. We all remember Joan of Arc, but does anyone remember the French king she helped to power? Not really. I think he was a Charles or one of the Louis’s.

    By white Sharia standards none of these women counted. Well I think if they insulted or disobeyed one of those Queens they might find a stake up their wazoos.

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