No White People at Walmart


2 thoughts on “No White People at Walmart

  1. If you go to the Scarborough ,Maine WalMart there’s women in burkas everywhere, Somalis,Muslim men , lots of blacks everywhere. Lots of blacks and Muslims working there etc. It’s getting to be the same at Portland and Windham. Second is Hispanics. Non-whites are getting dumped in southern Maine by the hundreds. The DHHS office used to be in Portland downtown but they moved it directly across from the airport. There’s almost all nonwhites and Muslims waiting to be seen inside no matter when you’re there and hardly any white people waiting to be seen. They make whites wait for ever but nonwhites can come in and be seen almost instantly even without a appointment. They had newspapers last yr by the front entryway in mostly Arabic and encouraging them to vote . White genocide is happening in Maine and anywhere there are mostly white populations. Somalis colonized and took over Lewiston . Non whites are taking over other areas as well.


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