Witchcraft Museum Leads Mob in Witch Hunt of Heathen Woman


From Odin’s Eye:

Carolyn Emerick (link is external), who is a rising popular writer known for writing about the history, myth, and folk beliefs of Northern Europe is currently feeling the brunt of what it must have been like to be the victim of a literal witch hunt!

The Wild Hunt (link is external), received a public official statement from the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic (link is external) posted on May 15, 2017 the following about Mrs. Emerick and posted it in their news for all the world to see;

Thankfully, most of the comments on the website were aware of the obvious attempt to smear Emerick through the museum…

Unfortunately the museum sought to use the platform for other purposes beyond the museum itself. This initial attack has been found to be allegedly due to a personal vendetta started by a (ringleader) woman named Gillian Smith (link is external) who apparently has a lot to do with this museum and is somewhat known in the folklore and archaeology scene.

Below are her comments concerning she works for the museum. If you go further back into her timeline you can tell she’s flustered by conversations with/about Emerick and it becomes obvious this person is obsessed with Emerick.

It’s obvious Gillian Smith is a vindictive old woman with a vendetta enlisting the Museum of Witchcraft in a mob frenzy witch hunt against Emerick. And, how scandalous is it for this museum to allow itself to be used like this to attack another person’s character and attempt to undermine their career like they have with Emerick? Even if there was a disagreement in views, why make this so unprofessionally public?

Is this the kind of Heathen community people want? Where if you have different points of views there should be lynch mobs to round up all those you don’t see eye to eye with and destroy their lives over?

Isn’t it sadly/humorously ironic that an actual witchcraft museum literally took it upon themselves to whip up a mob frenzy to chase down a woman for her beliefs to this degree? Think about this, and this attack doesn’t just end with this one example. Many Heathen Nationalists are experiencing such hate.

What are they freaking out about over? Because Emerick wants Europe to remain European?!?! How dare she!?!?!?

These people must hate Carolyn for loving her culture, race, heritage, history, and etc… how evil!?!?!??!?

What is happening to Emerick is but one example of many true heathens who are seeing the new emerging SJW Communist influenced movements of the extreme Left posing as “Heathens and Pagans” who are using these platforms to shut down free speech, and accuse people of hate, and “racism” for simply not being of their same point of view.

It’s quite aware these people who do such things haven’t read a word Emerick is saying, or is trying to convey about our folk – which is simply trying to ensure that European cultural heritage exists in a positive future.

Isn’t it ironic that they claim Emerick is speaking hate and racism, when it is they who are speaking hate?

People who are sticking their necks out need to be heard and supported. Groups like this attacking Carolyn Emerick are going after all kinds of positive heathen folk and posing as savior SJW’s using the heathen platform. All they are are hateful vindictive people looking for blood.


Official Statement from Carolyn Emerick

First of all, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the Boswell Museum. It turns out, far more of their followers disagree with them than they knew. My following across all venues has been boosted rather than dropping, so this was excellent and very much appreciate the exposure. However, I would like to point out that it is incredibly unprofessional for a public organization to attack an individual in such a way. I have always kept my personal views separate from my work. I am well aware that others hold opinions that I vehemently disagree with, but I’m not small minded enough to judge someone’s professional work by their personal views. Furthermore, I would NEVER attempt to undermine someone’s career and livelihood by publicly slandering them even when I do strongly oppose their views. The ring leader in all of this appears to have been one Gillian Smith, who is popular in the folklore and archeology scene. I have known her through Facebook for years and have been nothing but kind to her. I was shocked that she could be so petty and vindictive over a difference of opinion. I realize these are heated and polarized times. But we are facing SERIOUS issues in the West. We can argue all day long about the solutions. But, the time for pretending the problems don’t exist has passed. I do not expect everyone to agree with me, as I don’t agree with everyone else. But, it’s high time that all of us began behaving like adults and holding ourselves to a standard of behavior. The fact that a “respected archeologist” and a public organization feel justified in attacking an individual, whipping up a mob against them, actively working to publicly humiliate and undermine someone’s career is abhorrent. Say what you want about my views. But, I have never ever behaved that way and I never would. Can we also point out the hilarious irony that an actual witchcraft museum literally took it upon themselves to whip up a mob frenzy to chase down a woman for her beliefs? I die laughing every time I think of it. The Witchcraft Museum led a mob in a witch hunt. You can’t make this stuff up. My work speaks for itself. I invite everyone to actually have a glance at my writing at www.CarolynEmerick.com (link is external) and decide for yourself.

Please help Carolyn Emerick (link is external) by supporting her work by becoming a patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/carolynemerick (link is external)

Also be sure to connect with her through her website http://www.carolynemerick.com (link is external).


2 thoughts on “Witchcraft Museum Leads Mob in Witch Hunt of Heathen Woman

  1. I’ve been following this story. Gillian Smith has never even visited the museum! She lives and works in Wales and has nothing to do with them. Do your research!


    1. Her attack was certainly related to the Museum. They both attacked at the same time, and Gillian Smith was the ring leader. Then we saw Gillian post on her page “Headed to the Museum.” We thought it was that museum, but apparently it was another museum. But we also took that to mean she is networking with them. And by taking up her slander, they have affiliated themselves with her. They all did this simultaneously. Gillian is working with HUAR and Pagan Granny who was sharing the EXACT same things that the Witchcraft Museum was.

      She’s certainly in league with them. She’s in the museum circuit and they all posted the same things at the same time. HUAR is tied up in it. But, she asked John not to mention HUAR because she didn’t want to drive them traffic, and because we expect that of them. A “respected archaeology” and professional organization are people we don’t expect this from.


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