The Most Beautiful Name in All the World is Mother

Hitler believed in family, in nationality and caring for his nation’s families. He celebrated Motherhood. This article is to highlight his wonderful attitude to us moms. For every other Mother past and present, who carry our Nordic blood, I write his message to you all:

The most beautiful name in all the world is mother

During Hitler’s leadership Mother’s day was a national holiday, as was his own mother’s birthday. Hitler issued honour cards to mothers of over three children, inscribed with ‘The most beautiful name in all the world is mother’. Mothers would be given the opportunity to skip queues, and all agencies and stores were reminded around Mother’s day that mothers were to be given preferential treatment.

Mothers were given the Cross of Honour; bronze, silver or gold, dependent on the ages of their children and how many children they had. The initial design was inscribed with the message:

The child ennobles the Mother

Law gave married couples a wedding gift of an interest-free mortgage loan. After their first born, a quarter of the loan would be paid off for free. Initially it was a quarter per baby, encouraging immediate population growth; the only condition was that the women left work and cared for her children. This applied to women of Germanic descent only.

A married woman would receive social work and midwife support throughout her pregnancy. She would receive 2,000 marks for clothing and food, and some lucky families were given holiday breaks and issued theater tickets.

Cash allowances for children were given after three children, to ensure the families would not face poverty. Family allowance was paid directly to the father to promote family relations.

All evidence shows that Hitler wanted to grow his populous. The birth rate rose after 1933, with less maternal and infant mortality.

Under Hitler mothers were shown great appreciation.

Of course he is demonized as a chauvinist who ‘forced the labour of Motherhood’ upon women as he used eugenic incentives and strategical theories to expand the populous of the German race (yawn).

He opened Centers for girls out of wedlock to secretly carry and birth their children who would then be adopted. Please remember this was the 1930s and even this was seen as indecent aid.

Pregnant women were under the protection of social workers who would visit them on site in their working environment to ensure they were being looked after whilst carrying their children.

Under Hitler midwifery was encouraged as the most important occupation a woman could have. They were given a healthy wage, a pension, ongoing training with expenses paid, and pocket money during training. There were two main goals during training: to expand their knowledge-base and ensure they felt special and privileged.

Nanna Conti, Chief of Midwifery, is still referred to today as ‘the savior of the profession’, because while other countries rid themselves of midwifery, Germany held on tight. Conti was thought to be the smartest midwife in all of Europe by her delegates. She expected all women to have a midwife throughout pregnancy and birth and thought that a home birth was the ideal birth.

The intention was to have close relations between mother and midwife before and after birth. Midwifery schools took women from the age of 18-35, although we are led to believe no woman was to be trained or to work under sexist national socialism. While so-called forward and non-sexist countries instead employed heavy-handed men with no personal experience to deliver their precious young, Germany knew women needed each other during pregnancy and birth, and even until the baby was 18 months.

Hitler, under Conti’s advisory, has been criticised for not moving forward medically regarding maternity. If that meant steering clear as much as possible of obstetricians, then how grateful those women must have been. Twilight sleep, which I have discussed in former posts, was founded in Germany, but it was never a mass procedure there, as every hospital deemed it too dangerous to replicate, before and during Hitler’s reign.

Hitler treated women with the ultimate chivalry. Today we are back to front; we have children later, and we only have one or two, since we waste our early energy on careers that don’t really mean that much if we holistically view the world. A mother is sent out into the world today to serve everyone but her own.

But Hitler enforced labour, right? Wrong! He encouraged a mother to do with her body exactly what it was designed for. This is not sexist, this is natural.

Ultimately this is the shocking common sense truth that many cannot see.

If Motherhood is undervalued, and passed over in search for something more filling that cannot be found, then do I have to point out we will cease to exist since we will not reproduce?

Today European people are encouraged to not have children. Our people are told to abort, to use birth control, to zap their testicles with ultrasound to kill the sperm. They are given vaccines and medications that contain ingredients that cause infertility. They are encouraged to have sex without monogamy. They are encouraged to lose all of themselves to every distraction set before them, so they will not be seduced by real love and have children.

Hitler gave his people the ultimate compliment: replicate yourselves. Our leaders today urge for less of us, but not only that, they are also actively replacing us, whilst teaching that our people are a burden onto ourselves.

A nation that does not reproduce dies out.

If the nation once again has mothers who proudly and freely chose motherhood, it cannot perish. If the woman is healthy, the people will be healthy. Woe to the nation that neglects its women and mothers. It condemns itself.” ~ Dr. Goebbells, 1934



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