Andrew Anglin & The Daily Stormer – A Timeline of Deception

Andrew Anglin, the self professed White Nationalist and National Socialist, pretends that he is a pro-White, pro-traditional, anti-feminist White male. He loudly professes his hatred for jews and everything they represent. His website features articles geared towards White nationalism, or at least that is what he wants you to believe. Here are some juicy facts that many of you are not aware of, or maybe you are but you just do not see the whole picture. Back in 2012 Andrew has an online interview where he publicly declares several disturbing things. Well they are disturbing to anyone who is a true WN. This video recording has been removed several times from the internet, and YouTube especially, mainly due to “copyright infringement”. But alas the internet is forever. Too bad for Anglin. The truth lives on.

Andrew goes on record stating several things, the worst of which is the fact that he absolutely loathes White men because they destroyed the world. This was not just a simple statement, it was said with contempt, anger, and hatred. He also says other things such as how he prefers Black women and White people scare him. Here is a current link to the video. I assume it will be removed, but I did save it. I suggest you download it and listen to it. The whole thing.  The juicy part is near the end.  So after this lovely declaration, less than one year later, in July 2013 he opens up the infamous website “Daily Stormer”, a supposed pro White nationalist website. He gathers in all these WN who are starving for positive White information. He then asks for donations to keep the website up and running, because without you he can’t afford the costs. The website is quite successful.
Andrew is obviously receiving some backlash about the video, and with good reason. At the end of 2013 and floating over to January 2014 he decides to contact Iconoclast about buying the copyright to it so he can have it removed. Iconoclast is The Black Nazi. He gives three reasons for this: 1) he didn’t know he was being recorded 2) he thinks he sounds drunk and 3) he read Mein Kampf and now doesn’t believe all Whites are bad. Iconoclast tells him he wants $1,000, and Andrew says he will sue. Iconoclast then states he wants $2,000. The entire conversation is screen captured and published on the Black Nazi website here.  A year goes by and we start to see Andrew’s hatred for the White race, hasn’t diminished regarding White women in particular. Remember from the interview, he prefers non-White women, and publicly declares White women are worse than jews in 2015.

Hey White Man, your women are worse than Jews! They are not his women because he prefers Asians, who understand “traditional values”.  These are not his women, he does not refer to White women as part of his klan. They are White men’s females. In his opinion Whites are worse than jews. This article is still available to view online. To find it just do a google search. Andrew also promotes that for one to restore the natural order one should marry Asian women.  After all you, can’t fault a guy for wanting to restore the “natural dynamic”, and therefore these race mixers are not the problem. In an article titled “Several Issues on a Monday Afternoon” published in 2015 he states the following:

Hey White Man, your women are race mixing whores, but it’s cool if you marry and procreate with Asians.
You can read the entire article here.

Yeah, let’s work with another of our enemies, so we can be saved!  Also in 2015 he writes an article titled “FAQ About Feminism, Masculinity and Stormer DramaQuest 2015.”  Within the long winded article, we find a nice little tidbit about Andrew and his belief that essentially non-White “primitive, tribal” tradition was/is everyone’s tradition, and he has always believed this:

European traditions, according to Andrew are the same as all the non-Whites on the planet. They only changed 100 years ago with “feminism”.  I have written articles on true European Values before, and they can be found in the “featured posts” section of this site.  There is nothing similar between the traditions of non-Whites vs. Whites. Nothing!  During all of 2015, Andrew continued to divide White males and females. He promotes MGTOW, the male side of feminism, created by Jews to further divide the sexes. He also removed any female influence from his website. In 2015 we also were introduced to the Muslim, named Roosh, who actively promotes the “pickup artist” lifestyle, or what is known as “pump and dump”.  This is mostly aimed at White men. Anglin was absolutely delighted and began to openly defend this Muslim. During this time our men were told that women should be caged, beaten, not be allowed any input on society, etc. Why? Because women were taken in by the feminist propaganda and therefore all women are corrupted. The list goes on and on.
Here is a clip from an article dated May 2015, where he secretly promotes Roosh, a non-white Muslim, who openly advocates raping drunk White girls. Also notice how he spells Muslim, what White person spells it the way he does? None! Unless they are actually Muslims. And since when do Muslim values reflect European values? The fact is that these people, the Muslims, have been our enemy for centuries.

Anglin agrees with Roosh’s positions. Muslims know what it means to be a “man”  2016 was riddled with more of the same anit-White women rhetoric, promotion of MGTOW, and defense of the Muslim, Roosh.

Roosh, the Arab who advocates the “pumping and dumping” of White women.  Who cares if the ADL goes after a non American Muslim? Only a Muslim would. Because as a WN in my opinion, the tart shouldn’t even be in this country in the first place and I wouldn’t pay any attention to what this sub human does or says. There is so much more I could write about, but I want to jump forward to 2017 and Andrew’s post on choosing either Islamic Sharia, or White Sharia. The difference between the two is laughable.  1) You worship some god named “kek” 2) you read Mein Kempf and 3) you post 5 memes per day. Before you think this is some sort of joke, you need to go to his forum website and read the comments made my males only, such as this gem:

This is how to sneak in the political ideology of Sharia, into the stupid White man’s world.  That tidbit of information should get you to thinking. They promote White Sharia, but use the terms “traditional gender roles”, “return to normalcy”, “Christian ethics”, etc.  But what these idiots fail to realize is that there is nothing traditional about Christianity, Islam, nor any other non-White belief system. If you still believe it is a “joke”, made to wake people up, or whatever excuse you have to defend this guy, let me tell you something. He has been promoting Muslim values, under the guise of “Traditional European Values”, since he started his “White supremacist” website! I will say it again, Andrew Anglin has always promoted the non-White value system of Muslims. Get it? He hates Whites! Always has and always will. His history proves this!
From 2014-2016 Andrew began his anti-White campaign, under the guise of fighting feminism and jews, and constantly tells folks that “traditionally” we did this and we did that, when in fact the opposite is true for Europeans, but completely true for Arabs. In 2017 he began promoting what he calls “White Sharia.”  Given this guy’s history, and the fact that White countries are importing more and more Muslims, it is not a “joke”. According to Anglin, you only have two options.  Islam or White Sharia. Forget the fact that it is the Abrahamic cults that have destroyed the integrity of our folk. Forget the fact that the only way to save us is to return to our roots.  Our roots which have nothing to do with anything Abraham (meaning Judaism, Islam, Christianity). Forget the fact that Muslims and their ideology are, and always have been Europe’s enemy. Hitler would have placed his ass before a firing squad back in 2012. Just saying.
This guy does not even look White, yet he is welcomed at the Daily Stormer, to join in the bashing of White women.

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