Women Are Not Breeding Machines – Get Over It

So now in addition to “a woman without kids has no worth”, I keep repeatedly seeing men say “If you don’t have kids, you can’t care about your race, or culture, or it’s future because you have no vested interest.”

I’m sorry, but I find this personally offensive. I’m quite sure that it’s not humanly possible to care more than I do. Maybe certain people, less intelligent, more shallow, self-absorbed types are incapable about caring about something unless it affects them personally. But, I am quite capable of wanting to work my arse off for the future of my nieces and nephews and for all the other children of the Folk, despite not having any myself.

I don’t mean to undermine the importance of White people having families today at all. But let’s be real here, anyone can be impregnated.  It’s very easy to do. Finding a good mate who will be loyal, and stable, and a provider, etc, etc, that part is less easy.

Sometimes it seems like people who literally have nothing else going for them, no talents, no achievements, nothing to make them feel good about themselves, are now using their biological reproduction as something to lord over others and make themselves feel superior.

I’d like to point out how Gen Y men have avoided marriage like the plague. The “old ball and chain” thing. Acted terrified of fatherhood. Leaving a lot of women now in their 30s who DID want marriage and families in their 20s, up a creek.

Now all of the sudden these young Millennial men come along ,and because they are having trouble finding a girl who wants their babies at age 18-22, they’re directing their frustration at us older single women in our 30s, assuming we CHOSE this because we’re militant feminist career women.

It’s really fucking hurtful to be a woman who DID want kids and marriage through my entire 20s, and then to be verbally attacked and called “old and dried up” because I couldn’t find a decent guy who wanted it.

The one who did want it turned out to be a huge disappointment, depressive, pathetic, lazy, and a thief! But, hey, all my fault. Me and my dried up withered old uterus.

Many of these “men” also expect their wife to return to work only weeks after giving birth, or sometimes even days!  Then when she has an emotional breakdown from the lack of sleep and lack of time to recover, she’s considered “mentally ill” and “defective”.  I can see the point of giving the father some paid time off to bond with the baby and help for that first week or two after the woman has given birth. But, HE DIDN’T GIVE BIRTH. His body isn’t recovering from anything.  In some cases the father’s are just sleeping as the woman is trying to get through contractions all on her own. 
Now they’re all making a big deal now about how the leaders of Western Europe are all childless. I get their point. But then they start extrapolating upon that and start going on and on about “people who don’t have children” or “people who chose not to have children.”

Newsflash: A lot of people who don’t have kids did not end up this way because of a conscious choice! Or sometimes choices are informed by personal things that are nobody’s business!  GET OVER IT!


18 thoughts on “Women Are Not Breeding Machines – Get Over It

  1. Thank you for this. I myself have been trying to find a husband and start a traditional family for 13 years. No white men wanted this, never. Every singly relationship or attempt at a relationship was ended by THEM for this reason The reason is I wanted marriage, children, stay at home and homeschool. They really need to lay off us women in our 30’s who were in our reproductive years when everyone else was asleep and fully living in self serving debauchery. I am not happy about this or proud but the last thing I know is that it was my fault. I tried everything. These immature A-holes have no idea what they are talking about and what state the white man is in. On top of that they rail on the ones who did have kids but had to be single mothers. Singly motherhood is not a choice by the woman, the men run every fucking time. So either way you can’t win with these freaks. I have stopped reading and watching all material made in any “pro white topic”. Thank god because now all of the toxic energy does not affect me.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story. I, and others, so desperately want more children but we are expected to be able to work to bring in money, while still being a high investment mother that breastfeeds, and home schools. It can be done of course, but this makes life very hard and discourages mothers from having more children because of the stress levels.

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  2. Sinead I have much love and respect for you and your choices. You are still young and will be able to have more children once you are done studying and make more money with your new career. I don’t have any answers because I am not in that situation but just hope and pray and go for it once the time is right for you and your husband.

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  3. of course, women are not breeding machines, brute even to think otherwise
    but it does not change the fact
    women are blessed with a purpose to be SOURCE of LIFE
    men too are gifted, but they no way can do that,
    so leave everything else to them

    there is nothing more beautiful in this world than seeing a white woman living a life of her TRUE purpose- ETERNALLY!

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    1. Not every woman should, or wants to be a mother. That’s fine. If you guys think we’re going to breed our way out of this genocide, you are not thinking critically. Our men need to make this world better for our children and stop heaping their responsibilities onto the backs of boys.

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      1. I think it is wrong to believe that ALL and EVERY woman is for granted 100 percent suited to motherhood. This said, the better approach is to encourage and promote the motherly archetype waaay more than it is currently being promoted. That goes for the nuclear family as well. In fact, the focus should be on the nuclear family and greater anglo saxon family structure as a central concept rather than just breeding and eugenics for its ownnsake. Women can fulfill their caretaking nature, support their folk, and be good wives and valuable family members even if they cannot have kids. They can support their folk if they have to goodwill to do so, as that goodwill will guide their virtue to wholesome actions. Seek Friggs fires, if all else fails, and the path will be lit.

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      2. White women would have more children if we:
        a) Weren’t being genocided and surrounded by people that want to kill and rape us (and our children)
        b) Usury was ended so we are not debt slaves
        c) We weren’t being poisoned
        d) Women weren’t traumatized during medically managed births, and forced to return to work with no maternity leave

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  4. “heaping their responsibilities onto the backs of boys” is an understatement and so true. I had a baby by 20 and my ex was a dead beat, abusive and I left him because not only was he abusive but I was expected to work , pay for childcare ( because he wouldn’t watch our son) and do all the domestic duties . He was a rent a cop btw and before that a car salesman and had a slew of other temp jobs so he was ” too tired” to help with parenting. He also slept while I was in labor and visited his friends on and off instead of being there for me . I literally did everything but drive so I decided if I had to be a single mom anyway I mine as well be one without the neglect and abuse and went to a women’s shelter , never collected child support or asked for visitation / custody arrangements because I knew if I kept contact the abuse would continue . I had to live with a stigma of being” white trash single parent” the rest of my life as if I got my self pregnant and chose this . I was 18 when I met my son’s dad, basically a kid myself, and had no family to help. You would think a majority of the ” pro- white community” would be supportive of their own people who need help but that’s often not the case and instead they act as if they are morally superior in some way . There are good men out there but they are few and far between and often the woman gets left with the responsibility. White women would have more children if we had a support network and could actually meet a good man . Also , domestic abuse / violence is sky high in the white community or lack thereof and nationalists generally sweep it under the rug like its only a non- white problem. Well it isn’t ! We need to address problems our people are having as a community and protect those that need it the most like single parents , abuse victims , children, the disabled , the poor and elderly . We must secure a future for white women and children by protecting and honoring them regardless of their economic background or whether the women are childless /single .
    Sorry to derail but our boys ( male children) have a horrendous burden to carry , especially when they get older because of these pathetic men that refuse to be men and protect their country and their people ( especially women and children who are obviously the most vulnerable). Where is the public ( not just keyboard!) outrage of women and child trafficking , pizzagate aka pedogate , organizations like Planned Parenthood that prey on female lower class and abuse victims , domestic abuse against women and the never ending violence and crime / sexulization and victimization of white women and children?

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  5. It is sad how it happens. I find women hard to trust too. It’s a disaster for our people.
    I know women who are too old to have kids now and cry at night about it. One I knew wanted to marry me but she was just too crazy to deal with.
    I knew of a guy who hung himself 3 weeks after getting married.

    We are supposed to make each other happy.

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  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this matter.
    Personally I am not having children because of a personal decision— for I live a fairy good life and my partner is a great, loving, caring partner. However, I think I have better and more constructive things to do both for me and for my community than having children, and it’s been like this since forever. I understand that having children was of the utmost importance 1000 years ago but come on! We are way too much people on Earth without my unwilling contribution to the cause. If I, at some point of my life, feel it would be good to have a child, I will probably adopt, hence giving a person to whom life has been not fair the opportunity of having a good life.

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  7. I hate it when “traditional” people manipulate single, unmarried and childless women to become “breeding machines” in order to be considered “normal”, “a good daughter”, or “a successful woman”. These people will “hate” you (figuratively speaking) if you are the type of woman who focuses on achieving your goals such as having a loyal lifetime partner (not a husband), traveling, building your dream home, shopping and eating fancy food. I have neighbors who always gossip about me and my partner. Every time the see us, they would say something like… “That two are still not married?” or, “They need to have kids already! They keep on traveling and buying stuff for themselves.”

    Ah, Hello? I did not graduate from college only to become a “breeding machine”. That is not even a course in college (“Breedology”… Lol.) When we were younger, our parents taught us to “dream bigger and aim higher”. Now that everything is coming together, people, including your own family and friends, will try their very best to make you “dream smaller and aim lower, so you won’t be frustrated in case your goals did not come true.”
    How do they even know that my goals will not come true?!

    I have some classmates in high school who I used to look up to. They were very smart, pretty and popular in school. They were literally “goddesses” back then! I always thought that they were going to be “someone big”. Years after, we’re all adults and professionals. I looked them up online… most of them went the “traditional” path – engaged, married, pregnant, haggard, just at home and dependent on their husband mentally, emotionally and most of all, financially. I’m not saying my life is better compared to theirs, but I just did not expect “goddesses” like them would end up relying on their husbands for the sake of not getting frustrated in case their “big goals” don’t become a reality. Lol.

    I just realized that, the things I did not have or did not experience in high school (medals or awards, beauty, popularity, many friends, etc.) are actually the things I do not need in my future (now).

    The questions, “Hey, when are you getting married?” and “When are you having kids?” are two of the most annoying and degrading questions in the world! Marriage and having kids are not amulets (lucky charm) to a happy and successful life. In fact, “mistress issues” are married couples traditional problems. In fact, “financial issues” are couples with kids traditional problem. I’m not saying that, by not getting married and not having kids, a woman’s life will be perfect. My point is, women should not be branded as born to become “breeding machines”. Women are more than just “that”.

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  8. “To each their own.”

    Every woman can make their own choices in life… especially, the big ones! If a certain woman really and honestly likes kids… it’s her choice. On the other hand, if a certain woman is not the maternal type… it’s her choice, as well.

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  9. When I said, “traditional people”, that would include neighbors and some sales clerks who we often see on a regular basis; they are already familiar with our faces. They “Traditional people ” usually gossip about me and my partner and this not “paranoia”. Only a dumb person would not know if he or she is being gossiped about or not.

    Normally, if you are NOT gossiping about “someone in particular”, the topic changes every time. In our case, every time they see us, they would say something like…
    “That two are still not married?”
    “They need to have kids already! They keep on traveling and buying stuff for themselves.”
    “Maybe they are playing house?”
    “What are they waiting for? They should be pregnant NOW! They are not young anymore, because they already have jobs and afford to buy their groceries.”
    “When are those two breaking up? How come they aren’t broken up yet?”
    “Well, well, well… nothing is forever.”

    While saying these repetitive lines… they’re also glancing at us and if I was lucky to catch their facial expressions right away, they have this naughty way of talking to each other through their eyes and then, repeating the same lines again until we’re gone or until we cannot hear them anymore. But, the next time we cross paths with them, it’s still the same topic? That is NOT “paranoia” at all. Lol.

    I mean, if someone honestly loves you and wants to be with you (long-term), you do not have to force that person to be with you by making him or her “sign a contract” (wedding) or worse, reproduce (have kids) just so you have a reason to blackmail the guy. NO offense.

    For me, if my guy is only after these things… I am willing to let him go.

    I would understand that, if it’s a business transaction or a home purchase, “contract signing” is NEEDED because it’s a proof of ownership. Otherwise, anyone can just steal anything from you. Although, there is NO guarantee that no one will “try” to steal what you already and clearly own. It all depends now, who has the REAL documents and REEL documents.

    In a “long-term relationship” (a.k.a “traditional marriage”), making someone “sign a contract” would mean, you’re “just doing business” with that person and you somehow consider each other as, “just properties”. And again, even with all that hassle of signing “the contract”, there is still NO guarantee that the person won’t cheat or break that deal. No wonder, most traditional people these days use marriage and kids as an excuse to have a portion (conjugal) of the other person’s wealth, businesses, hard earned savings, or even popularity (Even married celebrities divorce if their fans prefer another leading man or woman, on-camera and off-camera).

    I just watched a new commercial by a local bank. The manager mentioned that, there was a scenario where the husband was slowly withdrawing (stealing) his wife’s money. The wife thought she was scammed or something. But after the investigation, the husband was caught. Take note, “they just got married” (Oh, the irony of traditions.)

    In other words, the husband “was just doing business” with her wife. Maybe that is why he thought he has the right to get a portion of his wife’s account. After all, they are “business partners”. Most men brag about saving a woman’s face “by marrying her”.

    I also noticed that, “married” couples lose respect for each other. They stop trying to become a better person for each other mentally, emotionally, and financially. I believe that, the idea of “conjugal” does MORE HARM than good. Sometimes, it makes one of you “lazy” or “greedy”, especially if the other person works harder or is richer.

    So, why is “marriage” always about the other person’s money or whatnot? Why is it always about “taking advantage” of the other person in that relationship? I will leave the answer to those die hard traditional couples and gossipers, though. Lol.

    When my partner and I HAD a conjugal account (this was about 3-4 years ago), he spent his money on useless investments and even gambling. He came home late almost every day. He behaved as if he won the lottery. After some time, I stopped the idea of “conjugal”, because I knew it’s going to do more harm than good. He’s not saving anymore. He probably thought, I was the “saver”, while he’s the “spender”. When I changed that traditional idea and no longer shared an account with him, he’s learned to become frugal, knowing that I will NOT be responsible in case he cannot give his share of the rent or the utility bills. He stopped gambling and drinking, too. I don’t know if this style works for everyone, but it did for us. 5 years after, we’re still together, though. I will update you here of my life story.

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  10. My own brother just teased me today. He said, “…maybe you’re gay that is why you don’t want to have kids”

    I told him, “Say that to me again, and you will never hear from me ever again. I dont need a family who thinks and acts like [the society]”.

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  11. What irritates me the most is that all these people who put the blame of low birth rates on women are acting as if a man is not needed for a child to be born and raised (usually this irrational criticism comes from “the rational males”)
    With all their disregard of the father figure, one would assume they’d praise single mothers, lol.


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