More Alt Right Hypocrisy From Red Ice Creations

Here is some more Alt Right hypocrisy concerning the role and purpose of male/female relationships, and in particular, the vexing question of what to do with women ….

The elephant in the room is the obvious denial of Alt Right/right wing rhetoric that advocates a Handmaid’s Tale style society. The story is a work of speculative fiction, and while the publicity surrounding it, is indeed anti-white male feminist bullshit, the central themes of the story are very much Alt Right, albeit taken to extremes in imagining. The story is hardly racist even though the usual suspect of mixed race couple is featured. ALL women and ALL men are assigned their roles in the story, regardless of race. In fact, the total leveling of the playing field is ironic in its starkness.

In the show, basically, women lose their right to PAID work, in the first instance. The Alt Right reckons women are ‘better off’ not having careers as that is ‘not what women really want’.

Women lose their right to own property. The Alt Right advocates a community of property for married couples and males having control of the family assets.

Women, and men, are then forced into certain societal defined roles, based on Christian interpretation. The Alt Right advocates clearly defined roles for men and women. For the Alt Right, women over 35 are next to useless for ‘breeding’ purposes and so the obvious step is to create other domesticated roles for them. Hence the Martha ‘housekeepers’ and “Aunt’ teachers of young women.

Fertility is next to zero! The Alt Right is ALWAYS banging on about fertility and declining birth rates. The reason the women in the story are forced to become brood mares is because they have been proven to be fertile. Of course, it’s not only women who are becoming sterile in the story (and in real life). It is quite common in the Alt Right for men to advocate women should only be brood mares if they are of fertile age and ability.

Homosexuals are executed in the story, as are other degenerates. Sentiments we often hear from Alt Righters. The Alt Right is divided on the issue of homosexuals but in an a society taking its ideas to extremes, homosexuals won’t survive or they will be applauded and the homo-erotica celebrated.

In the story the lesbian woman is spared execution because she’s fertile, so they remove her ‘desire’ (by implication, her clitoris) because she doesn’t need that lust inducing part of her to bear children. Given the Alt Right’s massive hatred toward (what they decide are) ‘sluts’ and THOT’s and feminist lesbian degenerates, this is a logical solution in an imagining of a society taking these sentiments to extreme.

So, the Handmaid’s Tale is hardly anti-white male rhetoric except from one perspective. It DOES, however, express the ideas of some extreme and even relatively benign Alt Right ideas about the nature and purpose of male/female relationships in a society where birth rates have fallen to near zero. The theme is survival. The theme of the Alt Right is survival.


4 thoughts on “More Alt Right Hypocrisy From Red Ice Creations

  1. I immediately made this connection too. When I watched this I was like wait what the fuck are they talking about? This is what they want! I just see the extreme left feminism and far right agendas working together for the same end goal.

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  2. Yeah, naaa.

    The AltRight is made up of a lot of different people, and clearly you didn’t watch most of the RedIce videos. Specifically the one entitled “Philosophicat – How to talk to normies” where both women say that a traditional role really doesn’t suit them at all.

    You probably overlooked the fact that people like Stefan Molyneux (a prominent figure among alt-righters) also is a stay at home dad.

    Likely you also didn’t realise that there are so many different kinds of people in the AltRight they advocate for everything from paganism to “white sharia” (Still not sure of the white sharia is a joke or not – looking at you 4chan).

    Hey who wants to get in the way of your narrative though right?


    1. Like many alt right leaders Molyneux is a JEW. But hey, who wants to do a White man’s job and expel the jew, when you can just blame White women?


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