A Quick Post Regarding Rune Sets

Blut und Hexenkunst

Traditionally a set of runes is crafted by the practioner themself.

Using such woods like Ash or Rowan, they’re risted/carved, and then reddened with blood. (Or maybe red paint/ink with a bit of blood added.)

Although I am aware that nowadays run stones  or rune sets are available for purchase.  This maybe a good option for those who maybe do not live in a geographic region where they have access to such trees or wood. Or may not have the means to craft their own.

The key here of course is to assure that regardless you have properly sained and connected to your runes.  Even if the set did not come  about to you in a traditional manner or traditional materials it is important that ones is still mindful of the symbolism and reasoning of the traditional methods.

Earlier this year I actually decided to purchase a set of runes…

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