Proof of Jewish Agent Christian Picciolini Harassing Women

The last photo is from a weird email Evalion received, from woman who was distressed that Picciolini was making death threats and homosexual comments assuming she was someone else. The identity of the woman is uncertain, but the messages are extremely disgusting.

Please spread the word about this jewish pervert, stalker, and sexual predator.  Your daughters or sisters could be next.


3 thoughts on “Proof of Jewish Agent Christian Picciolini Harassing Women

  1. The thing that bothers me the most about this is the threat of going to jail. I see these tactics being used by other Jewish agents like beardson and dreamydiglot. They constantly say that bringing up the “Jq” is against the law when in fact in the United States we have the 1st amendment which protects our freedom of speech and right to criticize any religion or organization.
    I can understand how grace got scared because this man was threatening her entire future. They can get you to lose your job etc, but no they cannot put you in jail unless you are threatening someone. Piccolini should be in jail for harassment and threats to Grace’s freedom.


    1. Dreamy diglot is not in the United States she’s in Berlin going to university. Where is your evidence supporting that she’s a Jewish agent other than the fact that she’s young and clearly isn’t as knowledgable about most topics since she considers herself part of the alt right crowd? Not everyone’s is as smart as you or have read as many books as you have.


      1. I am not actually that smart nor do I read. Diglot is an American who lives in Pennsylvania. She does not live in Germany nor was she giving advice to a German when she says people who question Zionist should be in jail. I love how all of you people crawl out of the wood work defending this person like you know them. It just goes to show how deep the brainwashing is in the “alt right”.


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