Beardson Vs Sinead and Kyle Hunt


3 thoughts on “Beardson Vs Sinead and Kyle Hunt

  1. Personally, I find Beardson’s point of view useless. He claims that he has charisma, I found him very pedestrian and playing a childish game of “lets see if I can irritate you , and then stupidly call it humor” W.T. F. he’s a loser playing a school game “being witty and cool”. It was interesting to see, at the end when Kyle signed off that behind the bravado, he was totally pissed! This I found very amusing, because he had to work hard at controlling his own emotions. Parting comment, I agreed with everything you both said. Cheers and 88!!


  2. What a putrid seminal turd, that one. I didnt hear any men talking, only Sewage Noise. Im not even going to subject myself to the remainder of his loggorhea. Nothing salvageable from this shit pile is worth the sifting. I don’t think women should be engaging these sewage, and certainly not to defend ourselves against their erectile projectiles. Yes, he absolitely is 100% SEWAGE.


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