In Defense of Female Hypergamy

Editor’s note: I do not agree that only women are hypergamous, and feminism is not responsible for the break up of the family. Pornography has destroyed the image of women and corrupted the men and women who view it. Jewish usury is also to blame for making it necessary for both parents are forced to work.  I also disagree with the use of “sexual market value” and other such manosphere terms.  However, I think she will eventually come to the same conclusions many of us women here have and I open the door to her commenting and discussing her views on this site.


2 thoughts on “In Defense of Female Hypergamy

  1. Although I agree with what this lady has said regarding women’s consideration of future consequences when having children, breaking this topic down into withdrawn & PUA-ish lingo like ‘muh sexual market value’ isn’t helpful. It just leads people to use graphs & other props as material to end up bashing white women no matter which route the discussion takes. Stripping people down to just a number on a scale of ‘desirability’ in the name of effectiveness via an imaginary ‘SMV’ is pretty useless. As the editor’s note here on this post said about pornography – it truly is the real culprit of the state of dating today.

    Let’s face it, imaginary ‘SMV’ aside, it doesn’t matter how much of a high-rating a man has, if he is a porn-indulger that sits him right on zero in my eyes (and it should also be this way for other women who have their futures in mind). Dating really isn’t that hard, and the whole sexual market (ew) thing is in my opinion – incredibly distracting & of little use. Cue the whole ‘muh women hitting the wall at 12’ rhetoric………

    However, PhilosophiCat did make a good point about men who can’t fulfill traditional husband duties as being ‘dead weight’ – this is really important, and women need to know when to say when with these useless eaters. Also, great summary of what a good man essentially is – that being one who is virtuous. I cannot stress the importance of this enough to any women out there dating – we have put up with this dumb rhetoric of ‘muh male sexuality’ as an excuse for male pornography usage and infidelity – it isn’t an excuse, and it’s not acceptable. Virtuous men care about women, and men who care about women don’t openly condone disrespecting and degrading us in the forms of whoring & porning (since no truly good man would want to subject the women he cares about to living in such a dangerous & disgusting world).

    Something I think we all need to be wary of is this attitude shown in this video of ‘slut shaming is the only way forward’ – it isn’t effective and here’s why: men aren’t shamed for porn. A better approach to changing white women’s behaviors is showing that there is a better way to make choices & go on through life, rather than beating women down who are already made to feel like they’re worth less than dirt by both the left and right (and lets not forget the toxic culture). Shaming women for behavior which they have been raised to believe is acceptable will not accomplish much more for the average woman than causing depressing & anxiety. Before thinking ‘but causing anxiety is good’ – be aware that this ‘anxiety’ isn’t a productive type – and will likely cause some individuals to condemn themselves to doom, since they now have a new way to hate themselves. A better strategy is to tell women that caring about ‘long-term’ happiness is what really matters, and placing emphasis on building a healthy marriage to make that happen – ladies are more receptive to this. Since a solution is provided & now they can figure out why promiscuity is bad on their own (the whole, if lots of us are sleeping around with men, then they won’t need to marry us) – the key here is, not shoving it down people’s throats & instead offering guidance.

    Unfortunately something which was not covered here is the sad reality which is men’s interests & wants in relationships in the modern day. Due to the mass prevalence and even celebration of pornography – many, and by many I mean most – men are truly not interested in traditional relationships with women (which is marriage, providing, & staying sexually faithful). A lot of women today are what you are calling ‘sluts’ – not because they actually want to be, but because this is what is the ‘norm’ in porn-culture & the only visible gateway to relationships with men. It is incredibly sad & we need to be extremely careful not to blame women for this – since we are already suffering enough due to this disgusting porned-current-year. Many great women will likely miss out on even a chance at having a good relationship with a man (which leads to stable marriage and multiple children), since so few men are even interested. And what makes this worse, is that even if us white women were to en masse refuse sex, then the large majority of these men would just shift along to the next option to satisfy their porned ‘needs’ – which is of course, Asian women and others.

    It truly is a bumpy hellride that we are on right now, and shaming white women isn’t the answer. If we are going to see any change at all, the shaming needs to be directed where it will actually make a difference – and by that I mean shaming white men for their degenerate love of pornography. Until us as white women can collaboratively exclude those who are still indulging in this filth from greater society, then we are really faced with a bleak future. This is the only way – since these men have shown through their love of ‘Asian fetish’ and other consumption categories, that they are more than happy to abandon our race, our people, on a whim – if that is what easy access to sex will require of them.

    Overall, interesting ideas about preferences in this video – but it is missing the mark in terms of helping & aiding white women.

    *Also just a side comment to PhilosophiCat if you’re reading this, I noticed you used the term ‘don’t stick your d*** in crazy’, although there is nothing objectively wrong with this statement – you seem too nice of a person to speak like this – it can be hard at first to change, but there are alot of better ways to get a point across without being crass. No disrespect intended.

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  2. Excellent analysis! However, insofsr as it relates to rightly shaming men for their liberties, to speak of atrocity with polite language is a disservice to justice. If women are going to shame men for their degenerate licentiousness, we’re going to have to be quite crass indeed. There is no way to shame them for what they’ve done to us and our daughters, and our sons!, which they zealously continue to do with heightening celebration, unless we use our swords to flay them where they stand. The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name, not perform mental gymnastics to make the situation appear more polite than it is. These jerks (pun intended) cannot be reasoned with or rehabilitated with kindness.


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