Mazda, Odin and the Sacred Fire of Zoroaster


Sharing the Wisdom of Zarathushtra, the ancient Aryan Prophet. Excerpts are from Authentic Gatha Zoroastrianism, tremendous gratitude to its author.




Spiritual Vision
The Destructive Spirit
Excellence and Virtue
Spirit/Mind – Will/Power
Honouring Nature and the Physical Body
Condemnation of Animal Sacrifice
Cosmic Order
God of Combat/Victory
Beginning and Introspection
Óðinn’s Quest
Animal Protection
Vili, Ve and Creation
Sacred Health
Sacred Fire
Sacred Focus



In Zoroastrianism, the word for morality is identical with PURITY. In Avestan, purity is called yaôž.dá and in the Zoroastrian sacred poetry yaôž.dá is understood as “PURITY of the VITAL ENERGY/FORCE” that is immune to defect, decay, decline and disease.

Zoroastrianism is a religion of healthy mindedness and right balance of the life forces and NOT the religion of the sick, suffering…

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