What Is Freya’s Light?

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4 thoughts on “What Is Freya’s Light?

  1. While the replication of the religious practices dictated by the OLB would be entirely welcome, contradicting the text with one’s own doctrine is not a good sign. In fact, on close inspection, the whole thing reeks of Finda.


      1. The OLB denotes three races based on their progenitors: Frya (Northern European whites), Finda (Asians and mixed peoples, such as in Southern Europe and the Middle East), and Lyda (blacks). I say it reeks of Finda, because the text contains stories of Finda’s people appropriating the religion of Frya, setting up fake “maidens” and speaking through them to control the people while ignoring the laws of Frya. Sound like (((anybody))) you know?


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