Alcoholics are Zombies that SUCK at LIFE


3 thoughts on “Alcoholics are Zombies that SUCK at LIFE

  1. Tina, I feel so sorry for you. I’ve not had an immediate family member who was an alcoholic, but have had to deal with them in other ways. I was stalked by one. And someone advised me: “just try to talk to them when they aren’t drinking.” Yeah, how does that work if you can never catch them when they are sober? They seem stupider and in fact are…as they drink more, because their brain physically shrinks in size. I agree it’s a choice they make, since no one forces them to drink. They have to WANT to get better; otherwise, rehab is a waste of money. Death will stop them from drinking. Altho some do get clean and sober, I’m convinced it’s a minority. Substance abuse is a plague on our race.


  2. My father was defined as an alcoholic and I avoided alcohol for 30 years because I was so concerned that I might end up like him.
    He might have changed if he had been divorced from my mother but who knows.
    I used to think that social drinking was just an excuse to be irresponsible.
    I started to drink again in 2012 and now I make my own red wine and drink every day, but I never act like Daphne’s dad or mine.
    Alcohol has been used medicinally for centuries and is excellent for shock and the making of tinctures.
    It does take the edge off of anxiety.
    The relationship that Europeans have with alcohol is a bit different and more relaxed in general, or at least it used to be.
    As a veteran yoga teacher ,who is familiar with all sorts of relaxation and de stressing, techniques,I am still willing to endorse alcohol in addition to these techniques.
    The government controls its distribution.
    Why do you suppose that is?
    Alcoholics anonymous and rehab are big business.
    Jews are the plague on our race.
    Substance abuse is a symptom.
    I do know of serious cases of alcoholism and no child should be subject to it.
    However, it’s best not to throw out the baby with the bathwater


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