The Enemies of White Women and Children Wall of Shame

This post is long overdue folks.  These weak males masquerading around as “traditional patriarchs” need to be exposed, and ladies need to be warned to stay away from these freaks.  This is a work in progress, and if you have any enemies that need to be added to the list, just let us know!

Instead of blaming women for being single, why don’t you ask the men where they are? The majority of single parents are women.  We know this. So that alone tells us it’s the men leaving, or men doing something that subjects them to being left. Stop pointing fingers at the opposite gender to make yourselves look better! Egotistical little man syndrome having, momma’s basement living, man children, pissed off because you get friend zoned too often! Oh and let me guess…. We’re all  thots right?

We are sick of you alt-right bastards making real pro Whites look like fools! You know what kind of women you attract with this sort of bullshit? Dumb ass uneducated little thots who’ll leave the first chance something better comes along, making her a single mom! You alt fuck boys are the one creating these single mothers you retarded, ignorant fools. How many of you alt boys call a single mother a whore while waiting on your mommy to take a nap so you can get your rocks off to free Tumblr porn? Dipshits! Those porn stars are probably single mothers.

You want to know what our problem is? For years we would debate feminists pointing out how their notions of “all men are inherently sexist ” are just ridiculous. Pointing that traits of masculinity are vital. We mean real masculinity not the faggy meme making anime/homo loving shit these guys are into. Then these guys come along and make their arguments look valid. They also are very much a product of feminism. Most of these men are utterly stripped of their masculinity, despite their pretending and over- compensating. Also do you understand that the argument for feminism is that it was a “reaction” to “oppressive patriarchy”? Do you think the AR argument of “we’re a reactionary counter- movement ” is valid? Then you also must admit that feminism was valid and served a purpose as a counter-movement at one point.

Why? Because we’re witnessing the horseshoe theory come to life. Two things that have evolved into essentially two sides of one coin. Why does the AR reaction bother me? Because it’s stupid and is in no way productive to the actual issues we’re facing. It’s based on the premise of “women did something ridiculous so we need to as well.” It’s based out of a childish reaction. It is for people that can’t realize that you can’t be a “nationalist” if you disparage half of your people. Both movements are fundamentally based on projecting one ‘s own ego centrism on to the macrocosm of society. Or in layman’s terms: They are not “volkisch” they’re selfish!

Below we have two non White women, one part jew and the other a Mestiza, talking about how retarded White women are, how we don’t have enough children, and that we deserve to be smacked around if we bother our husbands. Their “hostess” is Lana Lokteff, a woman nearing her 40’s, who has no children, yet wants to tell us actual mothers what we think and should do.

The top comment states: 

“Giving women the vote was perhaps the worst idea in western history. Mainly because you vote with feelings and not your brain.” 

Hey dumb shit! White men voted for war! (WW1, WW2, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.) Was that voting with your brain, or your brawn? Also, your wet dreams of “voting” mean absolutely nothing, since the jews in control of our money choose which puppet they offer to us, and no matter who wins, WE LOSE!

In the video Lana states that women can freeze their eggs. Funny another friend told us she thinks Lana had her eggs frozen because Lana talked about it in a show then a few weeks later she was gone because she was sick.  There were even comments made during this show about how it’s “okay” to slap your wife.  We know exactly what Lana would say in defense of it being okay to slap your wife. Basically it would be words to the affect of people lacking the critical thinking skills necessary to discuss taboo subjects. As if we can’t wrap our pea brains around it. Well Lana, we can “discuss” plenty.  They are the real pea brains because they don’t objectively discuss these taboo things at all without advocating them!  These women do nothing but insult other women and demean female work. 51:02 “us women are different, we aren’t conformist” Yes, you are! All you can do is conform to manosphere talking points!

Lana said liberalism is the female brain gone bad because all the African men going in are a threat.  Jews bringing in cheap non-white labor is a threat that women don’t support!

At the end of the interview, Lana talks about getting women in the alt right with “emotional propaganda”.  All the women that we know who are pro-White aren’t pro-White because of emotionalism. It was life and cold hard demographic facts that woke them up.

35:08 “What really drives men most is women, and let’s be honest, sex with women, to get that, all the time” In another speech she said “sadly women are followers”.

Does she not see how insulting she is to women? Both men and women are followers and one of the biggest AR turn-offs is that they only view women as sexual reservoirs. Sex is just one life aspect–there are many more but they don’t like to focus on them.

And it doesn’t get any more pathetic than this. Just months ago, this woman was doing shows with fellow Heathen woman, B on how awful and anti White the Daily Stormer is. Now she’s doing this. And guess who she befriended that also still loves DS? The woman who said she was drugged and raped by their top donor! What the fuck is wrong with these women? These are the women that the studies about “women liking rape” must be talking about!

To anyone who thinks misogyny in the AR isn’t a problem, or that we are making it up, or just hyper-focusing on a select few outlying incidents…..honestly get fucked. They don’t think we have a right to exist beyond the immediate supervision of our fathers and then husbands. Much like islam, which we know they secretly admire. Their attitude is basically like any brown horde 3rd world country.  Women are either someone’s daughter, someone’s wife, or a whore, no in between.  We’ve even had guys tell us they see the “female question” as a bigger problem then the Jewish question.

If you check out Mr. McKent’s profile, you’ll see he posts more selfies than a “thot”.

Let me guess. “Damaged” = has a tattoo or slept with as many as 3 men.  THREE!!!!

This loser blocks people who disagree with him that Trump is not the next Hitler! He also has a wife.  I wonder if he says any of this to her face, or just when he’s in the basement on FB talking to pimple faced high school kids and begging them for donations.

This guy takes the take for “emotional basket cases”.


Basically, women are not entitled to an iota of individuality or self actualization but also feminists make everything up. Pick one.  When are they going to realize they’re puppets for jews?  I thought they were supposed to be “logical” and not “emotional”.  Oh the hypocrisy.

He looks about 25% ching chong and 100% downs syndrome.

This loser, Joe Roper, is the son of an oil tycoon, an admitted crack cocaine user and race mixer.

White men listen to this guy.

“Because we have given women suffrage…” – Roosh

Dude you didn’t give us anything, white women fought for these rights whilst your people were f*cking goats in the Middle East!

White birthrates are FINE. Stop meddling in our countries and go back to the ME.

And this guy…

Are you really Countering popular Currants when your website promotes Devlin’s hatred of women but defends Milo?  In other words, WHY WE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO SUFFER QUEER LEADERSHIP. Check out Marvin Mothman’s (another queer) comments here. He validates his arguments with Camille Paglia (another queer) quotes leaving me to wonder when we will stop imbuing gays with immaculate objectivity and pristine esoteric insight to all human sexuality. In a nutshell, NORMAL STRAIGHT WHITE PEOPLE, don’t look for rape and age of consent loopholes. It’s weird how many queers and sexual pervs there are in the right wing! We’ve only had to argue age of consent laws with Devlin supporters who want to be able to sexual pursue underage girls and homos who want underage boys! And we are so sick of right wing men telling us that homo males can be truly objective about heterosexual relationships!
Interesting fact: we all start out as generic embryos and are female at this stage. If the baby is going to be male that chromosome doesn’t kick in until later. That’s why men have nipples. So we all start as a “Jewish conspiracy” manosphere logic! No, but seriously what kind of autistic shit is this?  I guess the whole Rome repeats itself thing is true. Next you know the men of or great empire are going to be having gay orgies with each other cause they hate women so much. 
Sinead was mentioned in Fat Horney’s article about how evil women are subverting their fashy political movement.

This fag talks about how he wants to knock Sinead McCarthy unconscious because he didn’t pay his internet bill:

Below is his girlfriend Meredith, who also supports Shaun threatening and promising to beat women unconscious, all because he didn’t pay his internet bill.  They’re a match made in untermensch heaven!

Another ugly jewy looking guy named Joe Sigur, has been obsessing over Sinead for several years now.  He even went so far as to call her old associates and post her parents address. He claims that she’s an actress, a jewess, and doesn’t actually have a child.

Another example of jewish destruction of civilization and male protection of it:
A Jewish Berber queen, Dihya al-Kahina, rallied tribes in eastern Algeria and defeated the Umayyad general Hassan ibn al-Numan in 689. Five years later his forces killed her in battle, and her sons converted to Islam and joined the conquerors.” Just another example of female destruction of civilization and male protection of it.
“The entire problem the altright is trying to address is men not doing what men traditionally do. Women are just along for the ride when that happens.” – John Black

“What men traditionally do? Work the fields, mine the mines, fight the wars and …. ? Women are simply popping out babies.” – Evil white woman

“A woman’s domain is the house and children. That isn’t going to change.” – John Black

“It already has changed, John. The genie is out. A woman’s domain CAN be [exclusively] the house and children, but is not limited to that.” – Evil white woman

“Islamic cultures don’t have that because their women are mostly on board, that’s my point. Only in extreme regimes is violence against women enforced, but it is also against men. Having women on board proves itself in every culture.” – Evil white woman

“Islamic women don’t have a choice. They play along or they get stoned.” – John Black


I doubt he’s ever been outside the United States, let alone to any third world or Islamic state. Muslim women are on board because they believe in their ideology, in their religion. Ditto Indian women and Africans. Men have even got African women to cut their own daughter’s genitals in the name of ideology. Ideologies created by men to serve men.

Obviously western men are totally stupid to have allowed this travesty of women taking over. They have only themselves to blame and deserve to be metaphorically castrated. I’m being ironic here but there’s some element of truth in this.

Women have less agency but have taken over? Women are only serving their own interests but they are naturally nurturers of others so they want to give the world a hug? Women just want comfort and gibs but they have struggled alongside men in all of history to survive and thrive in the face some extreme conditions and very often alone when men have died off in wars? Women just want to fuck things up because they are juvenile but it’s women in general you want to give the job of child-rearing to, because a juvenile disposition is best for getting children to adulthood?

“Feminism is a desperate cry to be dominated.” – AR

Why are these guys so obsessed with dominating women? Feminism is a result of men dominating women! Why won’t they just leave us alone and stop trying to impose themselves on us?!

Comments you find amongst the Alt-Right…

“My Grandfather told me (I think I was 10 at the time), that to behave correctly, women need sex at least once a day, whether they agree or not.”

He said,

“If you’re married, just do it, they won’t argue after. But you must ALWAYS get them where they need to go before stopping. Anything less is dishonorable.”


Manofreak talking…

“Women never tell you what they really mean, like or want. You have to tell them.”

A few posts down…

“Then I opened the door and yelled “I’m the man of this house!” later she told me that she liked me doing that.”

😀 The other guys reading this believe him!

Complete list of WN “men” who have been with, have children with, or are still currently in a relationship with an Asian.

The next time someone wants to be dismissive, glib or cavalier on rape culture or stats;

“There are probably more men than women raped in the United States every year—most of them in prison. Best estimates put the annual number of prison rapes at about 140,000, which is 50,000 more than the 90,000 or so rapes of women reported to police. Gang rape of the most brutal kind is common, and weaker prisoners often seek protection from a “daddy” who fights off other predators in exchange for total submission and sex on demand. There is an ugly racial dimension to prison rape: Blacks and Mexicans deliberately seek out white victims, and black-on-white rape is probably more common than any other kind. Prison rape is an appalling secret in a country that prides itself on human rights.”

I can’t be the only one that finds his statement a bit creepy? Like you want to fuck your cousin? Or sell her off? What is the alt right at this point

With white men around her like that, you can see why she chose a non-white. He’s setting a sad, pathetic and disgusting example and are no better than the degenerate third world hoards pouring into white countries. “Breeding” with your cousin is SICK and also since when do you feel you have the right to “give” her to your nasty buddy like a piece of property? The Moses dude is honestly probably a better person if this perv hates him. I hope she finds a nice strong white man he beats the pulp out of this pervert.

“So I dropped out of 2 TRS facebook pages about a week ago because I got sick of the constant use of the term “thot” by males so young that their circumcisions are still wrapped in gauze. Now apparently

the main players of that site have all been doxxed. Some kind of internet site rivalry gone nuclear apparently. It’s a shame families and careers will be harmed over Jr. Hi. type fighting.” -Former Alt Right Woman

Of course they will, because MRA’s are morons that can’t even interpret a movie properly, much less actually read the book the movie was based on. The retarded moron’s probably don’t even know that the author is pretty lefty & gay. How can anyone think that Marla is a submissive little doormat? You know the submissive kind MRA’s like.

No, they’re appealing to these people cause they’re race traitors.

I seriously don’t understand this submissive stuff. Why would you want someone submissive, what’s wrong with being partners?

Is having subordinates the only way these guys can feel “manly”?


“Only the very worst men get to do all the breeding.” -Faggot

Do these guys REALLY believe that Europeans/Whites are all the descendants of the worst of our folk?!?! Oh and that’s the opposite of hypergamy!!

Teaching your son to beat on your wife and his mother is so trad!

For international women’s day they should start paying their mother rent.



For some reason there are many people on Facebook who are friends with this Jew. We really mean that! He is an actual ethnic Jew who infiltrates WN conversations and also likes to post Anti-women rhetoric. Also, for anyone who can see the thread he uses the A typical tactic of beating around the bush about his origins. Only when he continually gets called on it will he somewhat admit it.

Jewish women do not equal White women.

When we do this, we’re called “sluts” and “thots”. When men have multiple women and leave them husbandless, they’re heroes.
Just saw this cancer 5 seconds ago. A “trad” woman saying it’s okay for men to beat us.
No bud! Your culture started going to shit when you became less like Saxons/ less like your German cousins and more like the Norman’s that subjugated you!
Keep it up guys!
These twerps are HALF my age and I’m supposed to bow down and lick their boots?
The “Alt Right”, where you can somehow be pro-white and scream at white women for befriending blacks but it’s cool for you to do it and allow them to be a part of a movement centered around white people. #TheDoubleStandard
This dude has only had sex with one girl, over 8 years ago. He’s a 24 year old factory worker who lives with his single mom and sleeps in a bunk bed with his little brother. He can’t get girls cause he has a weird dick he had to get a frenulopasty on. These are all truths straight from him.  For a long time he threatened a fellow Heathen woman, and her job nearly every week. He literally forced a this woman to speak to him, and she was genuinely afraid. He visited America and rolled through her town and said that if she didn’t meet him he would make her lose her job (She worked at a very anti-White salon). She was so scared that she ended up quitting her job so that he had nothing to hold over her. He went through her friend’s list with a fine tooth comb, and friends would approach her telling her he was asking them questions. Saying “he had my number/address and then lost it so he needed it”.  These guys are not victims of women or feminism! They are fucking psychos!  The stupid AR manosphere is only making it worse by telling them “Be bold, show your support for Nazism, fascism and Trump and women will get wet and follow and submit to you!” Then when girls don’t they get even more psycho and aggressive! 
“Dominate, Humiliate, and Impregnate”

DanceTheSpears 2 hours ago
So good I had to pause and go rape a thot!

The amount sexist posts I see in a day baffle me. They want treats and presents for doing the right thing. Are you kidding me? It’s called being a decent human being and saving a life. THAT’S THE REWARD. Knowing you’re not a piece of shit! “If she doesn’t have sex with me, I shouldn’t help save her life.” LOGIC? NONE.  Thanks Japanese guy!  It’s a sad thing when Japanese guys stick up for you more than White men.

This 48 year old married pervert would be punished under the same custom for “person who engages in licentious conduct”

Translation: “There was this ONE time I had a sexual encounter. The woman was noisy. She was my most recent and also first and only girlfriend that I have ever had!”   Maybe you guys need to stop getting your ideas of women from porn?
They are obsessed with our monthly cycles.  Yet another piece of shit putting down women and a woman actually agreeing with his bullshit!

I can’t stop laughing 😂!!! They are interviewing a 50 year old dominatrix tranny on what women really want. 😂 These dumb fuck AR guys are stupid as shit!!!

He can restrain me how he wants. Pull, grab, or smack anything he pleases. He has it all planned. And all while telling me I am his property. I am responsible for pleasing him. Watching him get animalistic with desire for me and choosing how to use me for his satisfaction is exhilarating.- Tranny


So sick of seeing this POS in my news feed

> womanly emotions are destroying civilization
> women really don’t have emotions, only strategy

Pick one.

I think this guy’s homo but I’m not sure. Not worth defending? Hmmm, neither are you queer.

This dude has a hard on for jews, is a race mixer and hates Sinead for being a national socialist mother.

Muh “tact” will save the White race!

No, you moron. It’s very simple. With jews we lose.

#altrightlogic Just have more babies that you can’t take care of because you are forced to be a debt slave, and magically seal up our borders, even though the jews control your countries.
 “Here Austen’s fiction serves as an escape portal from today’s Babylonian sexual excess to a vaguely delineated (1800s through 1950s) mythical era when women were wholesome and chaste. Anglin must not have read so far into Austen’s novels to encounter her sexually adventurous characters Lydia Bennet and Maria Bertram.”

Yeah, we suggest he finish the book before he speaks 😂Also the idea of a totally chaste society is partly mythology. There is a difference between what was portrayed/ commonly written about/ what reality looked like. Ex: the idea of people being married off young. Sure it happened but can we say it was a social norm? No! This is shown to us in such Shakespearean literature like Romeo and Juliet. The discussion of Paris trying to court young Juliet. Initially Lord Capulet is leery of this idea the idea of his daughter being married off so young. Concerned that it could emotionally damage her. So even in this time these were controversial subjects. At least in European cultures. We see these things happen as a normalized thing in cultures that are/Were not European. Ex: Arabs The AR seriously has created a false la-la-land image of women and femininity.

Puritanical, purity spiral, moralizing. All words used to pathologize a perfectly healthy repulsion to abuse.  The fact is that these guys that actually DO find girlfriends are the sorts that don’t actually act like this in real life. That’s how you can tell who out of the group just lips off like this as a net persona. They’re still capable of finding a girlfriend. They essentially “catfish” other manofreaks. That’s the manosphere! Guys “cat fishing” pretending to be this person and others who are legit socially inept.

One of the guys from TRS actually said to me, “Relax. It’s burlesque misogyny.”  We are facing a genocide, and white girls are being raped all over. How is white men joking about raping your own women funny? Could you imagine Hitler’s soldiers joking about raping German girls while the Red Army was mass raping?!  You know idiot women putting on stupid hats and marching in the streets aren’t really a threat to men. However men telling men that women fantasize/want raped is. This is rape culture.
And the only reason they are doing this is because the few women in the movement told them that they sounded like muslims, so they are really doing this to mock and attack our opinions and advice. Don’t tell me these men care about women. They don’t.  

“I have the right to take sex slaves and objecting to white rape gangs = cuck.” – (((Weev))) from the Daily Stormer on SeventhSon’s “Right Wing Death Squads – Svenpai” video.  Look at the “likes”.  The majority agree. #RapeCulture

Women are really starting to see that these guys don’t hate feminism, they hate females. They have created a false imaginary image of womanhood and femininity and if you don’t fit into it you’re a feminazi who wants to kill six million men.

It’s really a cult movement.  You see this with so and so “gets the rope” or “pop ’em into ovens” they literally live in fantasy worlds where they get to decide who lives or dies. A joke sure, but the sheer repetition makes for a toxic mantra.

“Many men on the ‘alt-right’ truly do not care or hold any compassion for others, and especially not for white women. Their intention to ‘red-pill’ ‘normies’ often serves no other purpose than to mold others into objects which could better aid or benefit them.”

I want off this train. Now.

The manofreak guys LOVE this lesbian feminist woman-hater who attacks other women.

From the article “…Sexual Personae, a 2014 lecture about the strength of southern women in the country, an ode to the Real Housewives…”

That might be where F. Roger Devlin gets some of his BS from. God bless southern women but not all of us have that culture.  Turning to a lezzie as an authority is exactly what a crypto-homo would do.

 Daily Stormer Husband
Remember ladies… men are logical and you are not.

14 thoughts on “The Enemies of White Women and Children Wall of Shame

    1. sineadmcarthy, you really out did yourself on this very detailed post I am sure we would all agree how much appreciated you are. You keep us thoroughly informed and vigilante about evil zionists and even bad Whites. Thank you so very much.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thats such a lovely compliment 🙂 Sure thing, if you would like to do that just send me an email and I’d be more than happy to join you for a chat. Thanks for standing up for white women always no matter what the alt-hate trolls do, you are very strong!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Asteria, wonderful story and as a man I have to agree that sadly there are men just like the lazy lions. But women don’t give up because there still are really fine White men out there who still believe in our better culturally heritage of chivalry and respect for strong, intelligent White women. I always salute proud, independent White women and wish you all the best. “Children are our future, our only future”.

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  1. I suggest these assholes look up Lorena Bobbit, she wasn’t a white woman but she is a perfect example of how this behavior will turn out in the end for men. These people try to provide biology and nature as proof to their ideas. I watched a documentary where these biologists studied and filmed a pack of lions over an extended period of time. The biologists found out that the female lions did all of the hunting and when she killed her prey the male lion would swoop in and steal the food from her and her cubs. The male lion was lazy fat and slept all day while the cubs and females were starving and doing all of the work. When the male lion would rape the female the lioness spent the whole time during the rape trying to catch him off guard so she could kill him.

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