Go Away ‘Red-Pill’ Salesman



Image Credit: Collage pictures sourced from duckduckgo.com image searches

I found the first graph image (seen above) on an image board thread about strategies to get ‘normies’ on board with the ’cause’, and discussion ideas and concepts on how to better ‘red-pill’ them. Plenty of threads similar to these circulate regularly, yet the key themes remain consistent – that which is often an us-vs-them mentality, where  anyone who doesn’t fit with either group is by default a soulless, sheeple lemming without a clue. Or in the words of the ‘Alt-right’, a ‘normie’. It is quite odd to think that these type of ‘red-pill’ revolutionaries honestly believe that they will have a chance of convincing someone to get behind their cause by backhandedly labeling their would-be audience of converts as ‘normies’ who ‘don’t know any better’. Astonishing you would think that these self-identified intellectuals do not appear to realise that calling…

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