My Only Hope


3 thoughts on “My Only Hope

  1. Beautiful song.

    Also you might be interested in the health books “Can we live 150 years?” By Mikhail Tombak (Russian PhD in biology from Moscow State University) and “The Art of Expressing the Human Body” By Bruce Lee (he’s not white, but he definitely knew alot about health and its the only book I’ve read so many times I had to get a.binder for because of pages falling out). Oh, and an incredibly simple and suprisingly incredibly effective meditation technique, just look at a clock and breath slower than 15 seconds per inhale and 15 seconds per exhale, the slower the better, and if you have the breath rate slower than 15/15 you’ll see the benefits in only a few minutes, sometimes immediately.

    Keep up the good work.

    P.s. just my thoughts, but have you considered making a website with content posted by positive and negative truth? Cause we are in a war, and we need to understand the real problems to have a chance at implimenting good solutions, but ultimately for the sake of victory as well as daily happiness, we need to understand and be able to focus on positive solutions as well. I’m just a huge fan of the yin-yang philosophy since it can be applied in pretty much any situation and having a website where it’s easy to switch between problems-truth and solutions-truth would be really cool and help be really appealing to alot of people cause regardless of mood they’ll be able to find something on your site to suit them at that moment and it might help add to your audience as well because people who might be scared of politics but into health can view your site and maybe check out the political section and vise versa for political-minded people learning about health and permaculture stuff. Just some ideas, feel free to change them and make them creatively your own. In any case I pray for your success and safety as best I can. Peace.

    Oh. P.p.s. A quote from Andrew Carnegie and one from Loa Tzu you might be interested in.

    “The average person puts 25% of their ability into their work. The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity. And stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devolute 100%” -Carnegie

    “The universe surrenders to the mind that is completely calm” -Loa Tzu ( That slow breath meditation, as well as stretches/yoga works reallyyy well for that).

    Carnegie, Ford, Loa Tzu, and Buddha have alottt of really good quotes for achieving massive success. All about virtuous/wise living and purity = enlightenment. Maybe the bible has been distorted, but the lessons about the breath of life, purifying our temples, meditating on our heart, and living wisely while making the most of our time for we live in an evil world, there’s definitely alotttt of good wisdom to be gained from religious texts which can help us to achieve higher states of true spiritual consciousness.

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