Running The Show With Kosher Violence

Video by: Kyle Hunt of

Renegade Vids

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One thought on “Running The Show With Kosher Violence

  1. Interesting video, I liked the way the connection was made between the surrealism of Hollywood Movies, and what passes for news in the lame stream media. Did you know, that a few years back, I actually met some one who thought “inglorious bastards” and “schindlers list” were based upon true events! Talk about a major moron. A find that many people also accept “pear harbor” as a true account of what happened that day. All of this is to say, people sense of reality is being warped and/or manufactured, and this is by design. I agree with you, the entertainment and news media and ultimately the parasitic Jews are responsible for this. Its easy to tell, that you know your “stuff” quite well, keep up the good work that you do, our race needs people like you. 88!!!


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