Operation Red Dog

The House of Mel Gibstein

Red-Dog-UK-Poster Starring David Dukechovny and Donnie Schvartzer

I would befriend any white man who believes in free speech, but I have no love for any men who do not allow free speech. If you have a radio show and claim to be pro free speech with the phones totally controlled you are the problem. If you can’t handle criticism you shouldnt be in the forefront and if you cannot debate you are simply the antithesis of what you want everyone to believe you are. If you have a site that you have to log into Facebook to comment you are working for the people you claim to be against. If you have some kind of a jackpot on you in the past that the FBI can call you on, you are a shill setting up your own people for a fall.

One example is Operation Red Dog involving the Stormfront Boys…

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