This is Your Brain on the Abrahamic Mind Virus

What Aryan man would threaten to knock a woman out to the point of needing an ambulance called, all because he didn’t pay his internet bill and that is somehow that woman’s fault?  This is the kind of untermensch that need to be separated from healthy individuals on untermnesch island.  His ISP offered to turn his internet back on but he instead decided to yell at them and blame Kyle and I for him not paying his bill on time.



3 thoughts on “This is Your Brain on the Abrahamic Mind Virus

  1. Sinead, that is a transvestite…..Female to male. Look at the face…..Not a mans face. Listen to the voice……Not a mans voice.
    This whole country is full of transgender creatures.


  2. He can’t prove it!?
    Then he should shut the fuck up.
    I guess he had to associate with you initially to get some credibility.
    He sure wouldn’t get any on his own.
    What a pathetic loser.
    I guess that is why he and Beattie Boy are such buddies

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    1. He’s still going! lol Two more recordings today abut how he’s going to come beat us up. I guess he forgets that we have guns and if someone refuses to leave our property we have the legal right to shoot them.


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