Quebec City- Strategy of Tension Inverts into Next Phase: Supervised Race War

Yesterday Justin Trudeau, Canadian prime minister condemned Trump immigration measures and “welcomed refugees”.  Then by osmosis and sheer coincidence, gunmen enter a mosque in Quebec City kill six, and wound 8.

As a reminder, on Nov. 27, 2012 Obama expanded war with Al Qaeda to include Shabab in Somalia. Then just the very next day, a Somali rams and injuries 11 at Ohio State.

Details on Quebec City per usual are sketchy, but as if by design the early narrative provides fuel to all sides of the scripted Hegelian dialectic. A “witness” told CBC’s French-language service Radio-Canada that two masked individuals entered the mosque, “It seemed to me that they had a Quebecois accent. They started to fire, and yelled, ‘Allahu akbar!’ Francois Deschamps, an organizer of a refugee-support group in Quebec City, speculated that the motive for Sunday’s attack is unknown, but “right-wing groups” are very organized in Quebec City.

Trudeau has quickly called this a terrorist attack. Police said one suspect was arrested at the scene and another nearby in d’Orleans, Quebec. In some stories police said they don’t believe there are other suspects, but in others it says there may be a third. They did not release the names or identities. Keep in mind that many times in these scripts when “terrorists” fall into police hands, they are soon released, and we get the boogeyman at large storytelling. We will have to await how this one plays out, but so far it feels like the same writers.

Importantly we all need to have heightened awareness of the concept of inversion. This is the blow back from the strategy of tension the Crime Syndicate is running. I submit that the same psychopathic icons advancing “open borders”, “the multiracial society”, “interracial sex” and the degeneracy agenda will now start countless reaction psy-ops to foment the supervised race war (Muslims, whites, blacks).

Skullduggery Phase I was mostly Muslim demonization staged deceptions with a Dylan Storm Roof and the Chicago white kid torture hoax thrown in for good measure. Notice how timely today’s event is with the Roof conviction last month.

Now as Phase II unfolds we get more “right wing” or white demonization. We will find out soon enough which on Quebec City, but notice how they have the sheeple waiting with baited breath to hear who- is it a Muslim or white supremacist boogeyman?

Quebecois Alexandre Bissonnette, another Dylann Storm Roof cut out?

Update: The no motive shooters have been identified. Looks like the Crime Syndicate covered all their boogeyman bases on this one. One Mohamed Khadir, is your standard scripted Moroccan Muslim. The other is a blue eyed native of Quebec and has the Quebecois name Alexandre Bissonnette. As usual the Crime Syndicate rag Heavy, is first out of the shoots with some background. 

TNN’s audience especially needs to understand the skullduggery behind all this and be more active alerting others. The inversion allows the Crime Syndicate to sweep up a whole new group of “terrorists”, labelled as “Nazis”, “right wingers” or even “nationalists.”

Phase II flows off of weaponized open borders for “millions of illegals to become citizens, morphing into a “manhunt for aliens”. Finding and detaining aliens in turn becomes big business, just like the trafficking them in was. Building big Israeli modelled walls is also big business. “Protecting and sheltering” aliens as part of a civil war is big business as well.

Fiat accompli: the Crime Syndicate used the open borders tactic to create an ethnic powder keg, and set it on fire when the time comes = order from chaos, ordo ab chao. Tied into a market and economic collapse the neo-feudal plantation awaits.



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