Unmasking The Neo-Eurasianist Agenda


2 thoughts on “Unmasking The Neo-Eurasianist Agenda

  1. Though I share a good deal of the Content here, I cannot see the Russians as enemies and never could (even as I was told so as soldier in Cold War times). They only wear different uniforms, but they are of European descent and think like we do. I fact, despite all “international brotherhood” and “equality” Propaganda, the former Soviet Union was a mere Russian dominated Club. They spread the influence of the European race over great parts of Asia until the Pacific. Unfortunately after the fall of the Soviet Union the new states like Kasakhstan and Usbekistan fell back under the influence of islam. As China always was the main power in Asia and becomes increasingly powerful, it’s just inevitable that the Russians make some sort of arrangements with them. But if the damn European Union continues to blame and push back Russia, they could be driven in a real alliance with China. Europe would lose a possible powerful ally. Many a war has been lost because the enemy was sought in the wrong direction (WW II as well, I think).


    1. I’m not sure how you got that “Russians” are the enemy from this video. It clearly states that jews are behind this and they are playing Russians and Ukrainians off of each other like they always do. (((Russians))) and not White Russians.


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