TRS is Our Greatest Ally!


3 thoughts on “TRS is Our Greatest Ally!

  1. Hey Sinead,
    great work you are doing. The alt-right purge is happening. There is even more to this whole Enoch story. Stunning article:

    Sometimes I hate the internet so much. Nobody can be trusted. I don’t even know if you are for real. My gut tells me I should give you a shot. Back in my day we met face to face in real life at real places looking each other in the eyes. Crazy times we live in isn’t it?

    Truth will prevail.



    1. It blows my mind that people can’t see this guy is a subversive jew lol Can they be any more obvious? The cognitive dissonance is strong.


      1. Exactly how I feel about it. I tried to point that out on the DS BBS. Most guys got it buy some are either delusional or ZOG agents. Keeping the sheep herd in check is hard work ;P


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