The Real Significance of Friday The 13th

The beauty of the Aryan woman must be preserved.  This Friday the 13th, lets honor Aryan women, as Friday the 13th was originally not a “cursed” day.  Before our folks minds were poisoned, Friday the 13th was considered the day of the Goddess.  This day was considered a very significant day for honoring the cycles of creation, death, and re birth. The number 13 is a feminine number. The average female experiences 13 menstrual cycles per year and the Moon has 13 cycles per year.  In order to honor this day, I wanted to share some images of beautiful White nationalist women.  Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “The Real Significance of Friday The 13th

  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures and a good reminder of why we must always honor and respect Aryan/Teutonic women. They are responsible for continuing our people. I have always believed in the very true expression “Our children are our future, our only future”.

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  2. Most of them look like they are from western Ukraine. If so they are part of the zionist controlled so called neo-nazi parties like svoboda and right sektor. Same that they are fighting against their Slavic kin to the east.


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