Fixing Andrew Anglin’s Whitefish Death March

By: Lorenz Kraus of The Renegade Tribune

Does anyone notice a difference between Kyle Hunt’s nationwide White Man March Against WHITE GENOCIDE versus Andrew Anglin’s romper-stomper machine gun march, featuring Hamas, out in Whitefish, MT?

Message. Effectiveness. Timing. Distributed. No single point of failure. Unstoppable. Successful. There’s a lesson to be learned in grass-roots activism.

Suppose you were given the gift of national fame and you had a moment to tell the nation a brief message.

What option would do more for the cause of the White West, than anything else?

  1. March on Whitefish with machine guns
  2. Drink brandy with Milo in a hot-tub of pig’s blood on Christmas Eve with reporters
  3. Demand that President-elect Trump and the Congress watch Adolf Hitler: the Greatest Story NEVER Told (AHGSNT)  to end fake news and post-war propaganda in US politics.

If you want to stay relevant, option 3 would make the most sense. While option 1 ups the ante, 3 is a good fallback position.

Andrew Anglin was always in a weak position and had no way to back out of a march. He never controlled the outcome. He is subject to a Jew clerk who can shut him down, or a Jew who won’t apologize for white collar crime. How will he retake the initiative in a style that suits him? Here’s my suggestion.

What if AA offered to call off his machine gun march, which he will go ahead with, permit or no permit, if media-favorite Richard Spencer asked Trump, the Congress, and all public school and college students, to watch AHGSNT? Wouldn’t that accomplish 100x more for the cause of white nationalism? Isn’t that a double-down that can win, that would defuse the situation, and bring even more visibility to our issues? Wouldn’t that drive Jews up the wall more than a march? Wouldn’t that restore your control over the situation? Wouldn’t that attack numerous points of the regime failure (any of 536 public officials can watch the documentary) and bring untold residual benefits? If we could get AHGSNT on national television, Jews would be working uphill, thereafter; our job would be a sleigh ride down. That would do something useful. That’s meta-politics.

If Richard Spencer doesn’t ask Congress to view the documentary, AA could threaten to drive a mobile Anal Sex Museum to Whitefish to recognize the Jewish contribution to America. This puts pressure on Spencer to do the right thing, unless he thinks the people of Whitefish would welcome that type of museum in front of their high school.

How We Got Here

Regardless of what Richard Spencer may think about Hitler and National Socialism, he has been, inadvertently, demonized as a “Nazi.” He has only one option to stay relevant. He must advance historical truth to turn an apparent vice into a genuine virtue. That defeats the accusation. The world must understand Hitler free of all post-war propaganda. If not, white America will die of Hitler-hate.

Americans don’t have to love Hitler, but they need to understand the real Hitler. If the nation watched the documentary on national television, that would take the edge off Hitler and build white nationalism. It is the one bowling ball that knocks over the most cultural, emotional, and propaganda pins. It is a Copernican Revolution, that flips the axiom of our culture away from the false song of Hitler-hate to nationalism.

What’s more, AHGSNT inspires a rethink in just 6 hours. It changes the political atmosphere more rapidly than anything else. Just as the Enlightenment swept everything aside to start fresh, this does too. We can have congruent cultural axioms: Politics is racial husbandry. Fascism is national renewal. Nationalism is healthy politics. Like open sores, open-borders globalism is a disease. Germans were the indigenous people of Europe. Jews were not. Evicting them is OK. Hitler did nothing wrong. Americans do nothing wrong evicting them, either. What’s the problem? As landlords, just think of how many Americans Jews evicted over the years?

Make Useful Demands

Have white nationalists made any demands on Trump? Where is the white nationalist outreach coordinator? Jesse Jackson could get that done for his people. White nationalist spokesmen need to make demands that make our opponents more like us. Where is our seat at the table? Watching a documentary is a risk-free baby-step, which does not require a change in law, and catches the attention of the public. Changes in attitudes make changes in laws possible. We want people to know what we know. Just imagine if they did. Just making the demand is subversive and brings the advent of change. That is the basis of future cooperation. What could you demand that would make the most news and get the most residual benefits? Option 3.

It doesn’t take much to soften or destroy resistance to nationalism. Once people know what it is, they too can see the facts and history that prompt us to want what we want. We need to give them the facts. Most of what people believe in is based on false history. Shatter that and you shatter our enemy’s resistance. AHGSNT achieves that on numerous counts. Many people get an instant transformation after watching that documentary. Everyone deserves to get its benefits. It is the perfect pill and it should be pumped into the nation’s political consciousness, while it is in the mood for change. That is now, after the election and before inauguration. Unfortunately, most of that time has been wasted.

Getting AHGSNT on national television is the most urgent thing we can reasonably do. What other objective does anyone else have that we could achieve? What else can white nationalism do at this point? What is the 2017 movement objective? If the GOP wants white nationalism to go away, set a price. Put AHGSNT on national TV. If white nationalist leaders can’t get these little things right, like their demands, are they leaders?

Compared to the White Man March and its message of challenging White Genocide, there’s no victory in Whitefish. The Jew versus Spencer issue was always a criminal issue, and not a political issue. It had no legs. Will it become a national issue? Unlikely, unless something goes terribly wrong, which would spawn a crackdown on white nationalism, as they have done in England. Compare a White Man’s March against WHITE GENOCIDE versus protesting white collar Jewish crime? Bernie Madoff is in jail. What more could a march achieve on this?

If you want to engage intellectuals, change meta-politics, and influence the current political order, make them watch and debate AHGSNT. Refute it and nationalism will go away, but getting it debated is victory. We need follow through on the Trump victory that drives home the false song of globalism and international communism. It’s 2017. Is America going to pretend communism didn’t exist? Jews cause communism because Jews expect their Messiah to give them 2800 slaves each.

Communism is the slavery of mankind to Jews. Judaism is the religion of Gentile slavery.

Mass murder communism is political Judaism. Jews market this pseudo-science as a “noble” experiment to bring torture and gulags for everyone else. This is why you must ban Jews. They will never stop their lust for communism. Jews are Jews. This is why Jews are veritable monsters. Trump’s Jewish junto is dangerous. With Jews, the gulag is only a day away because Jews think of you as a slave on the loose.

For Jews, there are no good goys. “Even the best goy deserve to die.” Jews invented collective punishment and mean it. Why do white leaders have hallucinations about good Jews? We need ruthless leaders who apply to the Jews their own laws of collective punishment. It’s not a moral issue. It’s Biology 101. Germans were the indigenous people of Europe. Jews were infiltrators taking over the continent. Jews had no right to expect equality, acceptance, or entry onto white continents. Jews want skulls and shekels. You can’t put up with that.

National Socialism looked at Jews from the standpoint of public health. This took religion and morality out of the equation. This was one of Hitler’s brilliant insights. Whites prefer that private things stay private. They don’t like to talk about biological things, which includes talking about race; but in a medical context, they are open to doing so. This angle opened Germany up to the Jewish question. A Jew is no different than a dog standing on the dinner table demanding a seven course meal.

Everything falls into place with the right premise. Nationalism is good. Hitler was a nationalist. Hitler is good. Borders are good. Defending them is good. Eradicating infiltrators and rape invaders is good. Globalist hysteria over Hitler has no basis in historical fact and was nothing more than globalists and imperialists projecting their own sins upon Hitler to win over a public under censorship. Hitler and Himmler were good role models for genuine national security. Their goal was to assure the eternal life of a healthy and cohesive people, a nation. You can’t have Hitler-hate and national security, as the EU shows.

Hitler is in Style

The 2016 election results changed the axiom of western politics to Hitler is good because Americans voted for Hitler. Forget about the real Trump for a moment; the media defined Trump as Hitler.  Despite that, the public voted for Hitler in 2016. Drive that home. Make them eat it. 2016 creates a lot of political space for organic politics that gets the West out of its death spiral. Globalism is based on Hitler-hate as an axiom. The election rejected globalism and Hitler-hate. That changes everyone’s sense of the electorate and what is politically possible. Now we need follow-through. This moment won’t last forever. You must always feed the beast.

The public needs the details on Hitler and how right they are. AHGSNT is full of details to validate their instincts. We need to make it known to the American people. How else will you fill the ranks?


Nassim Taleb’s The Black Swan talks about cheap low-risk options with huge upside potential, compared to expensive high-risk options with low potential. This is why asymmetric warfare works: the mantra, memes, ((())), the cuck insult, Murdoch cartoons, are low-cost, low-risk, and high return efforts.

Anglin’s march always had the potential to go terribly wrong, especially when he had no way to back out. There’s a time to call it a victory, while you’re ahead, if you can.

The only positive outcome of a successful march would be to show the white public that there are whites willing to protest on behalf of those who fight back against Jews, as Spencer’s mother did, by revealing the Jewish bully. That’s a good message to send, but it has to be explicit, and it should be directed at rich whites who fear the Jewish shakedown, and who can put some money on the table, for this as a service. Who knows how much money has to be spent going to Montana by 200 people?

Let’s say it is $200 each times 200 people. That’s $40,000. You could get yourself a new twitter for a fraction of that! What could we use? The risk-reward is still skimpy compared to option 3, which is nearly free and builds on Spencer’s existing media capital.

Wouldn’t Jews like to see something go seriously wrong in Whitefish? What better way to end Spencer’s voice? Obama is still in charge. Why give him an opportunity? Jews have the upper hand in the situation. They are triggering a parade by withholding an apology. What do they stand to lose with a parade? You should march on your own terms for things that mean something. Will Spencer kick off his Congressional campaign or miss this opportunity, too? Maybe there is some crazy cuck Christian Zionist or other patriotard who does come with a machine gun to destroy Nazis. An unhinged fraction of the public still has its mind wired to go nuts over Nazis. There’s always a “Great American” lurking to stab the white race in the back. This is why AHGSNT has to be a priority.

The best outcome is that Anglin’s parade goes off smoothly and no one gets killed and the “Nazis” celebrate with the police over beer; a few pics go viral that make the Jews paranoid that they have lost control over the cops. That would be a fair outcome and takes the chill off being an extremist in public. Or you could have just another Heimbach moment and get drenched in Jewish piss or some Sacramento riot. Anglin uses tactless tactics which don’t always serve him. This is one of those cases. Better to have Congress watch what we want them to watch, or get people to think they are watching what we want them to watch. That keeps you relevant.

The ball is in Spencer’s court.  He can do option 3, but he hasn’t and the window to ask is closing. Once Trump is sworn in, he won’t have time to watch the documentary. Spencer can bring peace to Whitefish or civil war. What would work for your Congressional campaign?

We should leverage the material that people on our side have produced and get it into official channels. When working the press, refer people to good material. That’s low-risk high reward.

All Hitler ever wanted was a German-serving government to protect blood-Germans on traditional German soil. The vulture empires couldn’t respect that. How could Hitler be wrong? What do Europeans need today? Fortress Europe. Globalism denies women basic safety in their own country; nationalism restores it. That’s why white nationalism is relevant to white America.

If you don’t take the chance to say the most important thing you can, when you are hot, you will just fade away.

With the 2016 election and the gift of media attention, the American people and the media gave white nationalists two gifts that can’t come again. Don’t flub this. You’re not Charlie Brown. So, don’t act like him. It’s time to get white nationalism back on track. Make demands and be effective.

While there is no leader to white nationalism, there is one person who the media, currently, listens to and he can’t clam up now. In the long run, microphones go to those who have something important to say to the nation.


3 thoughts on “Fixing Andrew Anglin’s Whitefish Death March

  1. Anyone that supports Anglspencerin is a retard that is not welcome in Montana. Many white nationalists have to live here, and we never had problems with the locals until those morons started shitting out of their mouths. They are fucking us.. because they are anti-White.


  2. Anyone that supports Anglspencerin is just as much of an anti-White retard as they are. many white nationalists live in Montana, and we have never had issues until these twats started spouting shit all over the place. I’m originally from Whitefish, myself. Gotta love when people that live safely elsewhere decide to fuck over those that live elsewhere by meddling like idiots.


    1. go to the forums on DS and tell those idiots to march somewhere else. To trust Anglin and his pet jew weev would be an unnecessary mistake.


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