The End of Israel 223 Code

In 2013, Henry Kissinger let it slip that Israel would be toast in ten years.

2023 would be ten years later.

In Gematria, since zero doesn’t count, that reduces to 223. That promises to be an interesting year.

223 goes back to the 22300 Levites in the Bible. 223 is also Synagogue of Satan and Masonic. Levites are the big Jews, god’s special ministers, the Kohens. Lackey Jews get to be thrown under the bus.

With the recent UN resolution 2234, condemning Israel, the Israeli ambassador said it was the 223rd resolution condemning Israel. Can you believe that? What are the odds thisresolution gets by with a US abstention?

Jews should put their paranoia to good use on that one.

What does it mean? Their own government is finally screwing them. America will sell them out. Israel will go down in flames. Israel has no nukes because there are no nukes. Iron Dome is just fireworks. Dumb Israeli-Zionists are being played by their own government and the big Jews. They have been given a false sense of security and the US will soon pull the rug out from under them. It’s not the first time Jews were sold out, but it will be pleasant to see them feel the sting of betrayal. When Jews are paranoid of fellow Jews, that’s good for goy.

You have to ask, do Big Jews love Jews more, Satan more, or Israel more, and what fits the big picture? What is the big picture, the end game? For the Big Jews, Israel is expendable, Jews are expendable, but not “Satan.” The antagonist, the revolutionary spirit,  “Satan,” gives Jews their identity.

How might Israel end? By war or by mass democracy.

It is conceivable that Israel will be forced by the international community to give voting rights to all Palestinians, once Israel completely devours Palestinian territory. As Thomas Jefferson said with slavery, Gentiles are like wolves. “You can’t hold on and you can’t let go.”  Israel can’t survive with Palestinians and it can’t kill them off, without complete isolation and collapse. Once Israel yields to mass democracy, with Jews split between two or more different parties, Palestinians will vote in a block and win the Israeli cabinet. The one-state solution is the final solution to the Israeli problem. Either way, the notion of an exclusively Jewish state will be over.

Then again, it might not be by mass democracy, but by some war between Jews and Muslims that ends Israel per the Albert Pike plan. Political Zionism is supposed to come to an end. This means the end of Israel. The good thing about such a war is that Christian Zionists will have the chance to walk on land mines to save Israel. Israel is as good as dead. Israel exists in the context of a much larger stage play. It’s time for Israel to go.

This is simply a working theory going forward; things foreshadow it. Jesus, Trump, and Israel are just characters in the story; all of them get the curtain, sooner or later.

This may have been the plan all along: to create Israel only to destroy it; just as they built the Twin Towers, only to destroy them. The elites want an Armageddon, as do Christian Zionists, but for different reasons. The Jesus freaks want Jesus to come again; the elites want to bring in Lucifer. Israel is meant to be the spark.

This points to the deeper layer to history, the passing of the ages, that can explain what’s going on now.

The elites pay tributes to the Bible where the Bible is a tribute to the Zodiac. Elites produced the Bible sometime in the Roman Empire, an arrangement achieved between the Flavians and the Alexanders (Jew).

Their descendants and allies act out this vast stage play. They can do it because they are a team. This team has a plan, position, and money to buy up new companies, control technology, and call the shots because they own the stock, and created the governments. They plan things decades (and centuries) beforehand. The Zodiac is very helpful in planning the story and then paying tribute to it, manufacturing history in its service. This is their real religion. History is the tribute elites pay to the stars. This is their “good works.”

It is said that after the Jews conquer the world, and bring in the New World Order, they will reveal their leader, Lucifer. What does that mean in reality? Will we get to see a talking lizard?

By studying astro-theology, we can say for certain that Jesus is a character playing the role of the sun. His story will come to an end. The Zodiac goes through ages. There was the Age of the Aries (Moses), and the Age of Pisces (Jesus). The Age of Jesus is coming to an end now. The Age of Aquarius is upon us.

Will the elites end the Age of Jesus by unveiling their new tribute to the sun, Solis Aquas, in place of, Jesus Christ? Unless Jews have a lizard leader, it is likely that this is the real meaning of bringing in the light, and revealing a new leader, ringing in the New World Order. This is why elite bastards can be so confident it will happen. No one can stop time. This leader of the world is simply the new sun god for the Age of Aquarius. Consider the timing of it all, there must be a connection between the old age, a final war, and the new world order and its new god.  What else could actually lead the world but the sun, by a new name?

Ordinarily, sun-worship would benefit man. Everyone believes in the sun and everyone can understand it and celebrate its benefits to us. There is nothing fundamental to fight over. The sun is free and gives light to all.

Yet, elites crucify man upon their riddles to the sun with their diseased doctrines driven by megalomania. They know their religion to be a damaging fabrication used for social control. There would be no need to kill people to believe in the sun; but there is a need to manufacture meaningless doctrines that people bleed over, to assure elite power. The elites welcome sacrifice and arrange timed-tributes. September 11th, 2001 is loaded with such tributes.

For elites, power is measured by what they can get away with. Presumably, because elites know there is no hell and things reincarnate, they have no fear of punishment for terror, torture, and murder. Joe Biden was molesting children right on camera. No umbrage came from the public or the parents. Elites give in your face hints to their crimes, but the public can, barely, care to establish justice and destroy them. They are genetically-selected to obey. Real leaders get cut down or absorbed by the elite. The elites don’t care if we destroy them; they know they deserve it. They just laugh at the people because we don’t. This reinforces their conviction of being elites who deserve to rule.

With the Vatican doing everything it can to lose credibility with Catholics, and Catholicism unraveling due to Pope Pap’s mixed signals on traditional doctrines, it would seem this was the plan all along. The New World Order is the Age of Aquarius. Jesus and the Catholic Church have to go. Sun-worship abandoned Egypt for Rome, and now Washington for Rome. It’s like WHITE GENOCIDE. The Catholic Church is not putting up a fight, but leading the way for its demise. Watching the Christmas mass for a glance at the great art of the Church, I realized Pope Francis had no enthusiasm for anything he read. He did the incense; smoke flapped around. I thought of chem-trails.

When you let Muslims take over your sacred spaces, like a cowardly captain, you’ve abandoned the ship before women and children. What that means for mankind, and what that means for blood-Europeans, is not hard to see. The biggest upheavals are yet to come. Perhaps Islam will take over Rome and lead a crusade to destroy Israel; where both Islam and Zionism are destroyed (a claim attributed to Albert Pike). Things can happen faster than we imagine, especially when things are rigged.

The Georgia Guide-stones speak of starving out millions to reduce the population.  To bring in the new god, Jesus must be a discredited; famine would do it. Elites know the art of demoralization. They invented morality to control us. A manufactured Apocalypse is obviously being suggested from Albert Pike to the Rockefellers to effectuate that. They have a plan and we don’t. They know. We can only guess.

With chem-trails, the elites can engineer a mass frost during flowering that cuts down the harvests north and south, twice in one year.  That would bring world famine. Right now, they are just practicing to get it right. Elites love to use famine as a war weapon. People don’t care about chem-trails. They will when their belly is empty and they have to eat others to survive.

America is nothing that we thought it was. America is the Great Satan, founded by Satanic Freemasons who built a capitol and a currency with plenty of occult tributes. The Iraq war started 555 days after September 11th, 2001; the Washington Monument is 555 ft tall. That’s 6660 inches. This proves Iraq was not a clear and present danger, but a sacrifice and timed-tribute. The elites, including, Trump were in on 911. There is no doubt Trump knows waymore than what he is letting on. He loves pizza. He rides Epstein’s plane. He’s on the Illuminati cards. The Simpsons. He is Biff. He’s a character in many things. He is acting like a tremendous cuck lately. He is not on the level, but is an orange-faced actor – the orange sun? Maybe Trump will investigate 911 and pin Israel and “regrettably” blow it up. He knows the script, whatever it is. He may even be Lucifer with a tacky pad.

This rat wheel has roots that go back centuries. The public is not able or willing to be masters of their own destiny. If we use the term Aryan to designate devotion to excellence in man, method, and race, Aryans are caught between the elite psychopaths and the apathetic sheeples. Aryans will need to live their own story, create a fork in history, and create their own destiny. Let’s find some greener grass somewhere.

Again, this is a working theory that tries to account for the odd claims, tips, and suggestions of elites in real world terms. The elites are vested in making their story come true. They construct history, instead of, predict it. That’s what real elites would do, and it gives them the advantage of being the protagonists initiating history. Everyone else is forced to predict and/or react. For us, that’s a huge disadvantage. This is the ultimate inside job, on a scale generational institutions can relate to, but individuals can’t.

The Jew-loving public is vested in saving Israel, when the joke is on them. We can use this fact to our advantage. Israel isn’t worth your time.

When a Jew, like Kissinger, could care less about Israel, there’s something bigger amuck. It would not be unprecedented. The elites dissolved the British Empire, why not Israel? The public must not be allowed to count on anything forever. All values must be overthrown. If Christians value Israel, it must be overthrown. The new god must be ushered in by breaking faith in the old one. In a roundabout way, Jews could destroy Christian love for Jesus by smashing Israel into a thousand pieces. Elites need chaos, pure and simple. That’s their ruling state that maximizes their opportunities. Power out of chaos. Our power is maximized by stability.

This is an extremely clinical and cynical view, but we know the elites love to get us going. Who wasn’t surprised by that odd Jew-loaded Catholic charity event of Trump and Clinton? What about Hillary’s weird health episode on September 11th that never seemed to return, an episode Trump foreshadowed? These are actors going through the motions. They know the script.

The fabrication of news is far more common that believed; it’s more than the big terror events. The Chattanooga bus hoax was just a crushed bus. (see 29th minute) “Jewrassic Liars” does local stories that are suspicious. He may not be right on everything, but he is entertaining and passionate.

We know Trump is a role-player, a potential Israeli-serving dick-taker. In this larger context, it’s possible he is a Nixon-figure, the anti-communist who negotiates and opens China; Trump being the super-Zionist who puts Israel in its place. This is a long-shot, but if Israel is just a pawn in a larger story, a solar epic, then his job is to pull the plug on the Jews. He already met with Kissinger. Something is up.

How do Satanists create Satanists? How will Christians accept Satan? Whip up support for Israel and then sacrifice it. Satanists already give pets to children and then kill the pet in front of the child. This changes the innocent mind to the Satanic. For millions of Christians, Jews are the apples of the Christian eye. Sacrificing  Israel sacrifices Jesus. To lick their wounds, they will accept Satan. They already accept gay marriage. They believe a cave man brought down the Twin Towers. The sugar-water swilling masses believe anything that comes from authority. The public has a plastic mind, meaning no mind at all, no convictions. The elites are masters of deception and social control. Look at all the freaks with tattoos. Without MTV, it wouldn’t have happened.

Again, this is a working theory, one of several you should have, that is not meant to be contrarian for its own sake, but to paint out the possibilities, based on what has been suggested in the larger scheme of things, and to allow us to navigate around their stage play, so we don’t get hurt.

Christian Zionists are bigger fools than we imagine.  They are not merely Jew-servile. They are absolute suckers because they don’t know their own religion is a religion of sun-worship. The blood and money they devote to Israel isn’t even meant to keep Israel around. Why would you want to play that game? It’s so rigged, their foolishness is pitiful, but you can’t pity those who lust for the end of the world. How can you care about pro-sports or Israel when it is rigged? Once you know it is rigged, there’s nothing to care about. Israel is a false idol, a golden calf that will be sacrificed by the powers that be to make these cucks Satanists.

Cucks are cucking themselves all for nothing.

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…” -ALBERT PIKE

Zionism was made to be destroyed. Building and destroying Israel is a stepping-stone to the new age of Lucifer, something we can barely imagine.

It is foolish for nationalist parties to care one little diddle about Israel. It’s scheduled for demolition.

Treat DC like the weather. You can’t do anything about it. Just live your life, build your own communities, and  ignore their stage play. They don’t have nuclear weapons. They don’t have the truth. They don’t have anything, if they don’t have our attention. The thing they fear most is losing our attention. They need hoaxes to feed us (((narrative))).

The only way for a bull to win in a bullfight is to walk away from the cape. The bull has to stop coming back for more and smell the flowers.  We must cultivate our Volk.

One of the best things you can do to avoid the New World Order is to not care about what it wants you to care about. They cremate all care for us. We must cremate call care for them.



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