Rodney “Wounded Knee” Martin: Amerindian Tribal Administrator

[Note: Rodney Martin of the American/All Nationalist Network (ANN) and World View Foundations (WVF) has linked to this page in a smear-piece of his thinking that this was an empty default page. It …

Source: Rodney “Wounded Knee” Martin: Amerindian Tribal Administrator


One thought on “Rodney “Wounded Knee” Martin: Amerindian Tribal Administrator

  1. I read a book recently that discussed the 6 most popular massacres in American western expansion history. And the total of all killed White and Red was less than 1000. By African massacre standards that is laughable. That is like a good weekend in Chicago today. The American Indians declined in population(not that they were ever that densely populated to begin with. Migrating hunter-gatherers are not exactly a mass of people.) because of loss of hunting ground, and declining birth rate. Similar problem with Whites today. Replacement numbers are to low. I am NOT saying White Americans were nice to the native tribes. Or that Americans are innocent of crimes. No, terrible things were done to the primitive natives. And it is a sad story. The same political power that raped the South, raped the West as well..


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